There are not a lot of waxes specific for sandboards out there, but snowboard and surfboard waxes that are meant for warm weather can be used. The exact type of wax needed will depend on the materials of your board, with most commercial all-purpose waxes being paraffin based. We recommend trying out different waxes and see what works best for your particular types of board and terrain. The best wax for sand boardin and sand sledding is heat-resistant and helps reduce friction between the laminate base of your board and sand, and protecting the upper wooden layers of the board from wearing out.

Best Sandboard Wax 2020:

  1. Slip Face Black Racer Cubes Sandboard Wax. Not only this is a high-quality wax with great sand-repelling properties, it also rocks a delicious chocolate mint scent!

2. Slip Face Beeswax Sandboard Wax Bars. This product is specifically thought for sandboards and works especially well for lower temperature runs. We find that beeswax often performs better than paraffin-based waxes, although you may prefer to opt for vegan alternatives.

3. Stuntstick Sandboard Wax. A good universal sandboard wax by candle company Circle E Candles. Each wax is layered with colored beads that reveal their different colors after use. Comes with a “Santa Fe” fragrance.

4. Sandboard / Sand Sled Wax by Doctor Dune. Doctor Dune’s sandboard and sand sled wax are specially formulated for the maximum glide on the wides range of sand types and conditions. This mix of waxes include both “speed”, “blitz” and “red hot” wax for riding any dune.

How to wax a sandboarding board

Place your board on a flat surface (or on the ground) with the bottom side facing you. Rub the wax in very small amounts all over the surface of your board, and through the edges. Pick a handful of dry sand and see if it sticks to the board. If needed, apply more wax until the sand doesn’t stick anymore. You do not need to apply wax to any part of the board that does not get in contact with sand.

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Alternatives to sandboard wax

If you don’t feel like using commercial wax, you can also make your own DIY sandboard wax. Making your own wax has some benefits: first of all, you can choose what ingredients to use (and it’s easier to pick organic and vegan ingredients this way), secondly, you can also personalize the wax by adding any scent of your choice. Readily available cooking ingredients like coconut oil and beeswax can be used in place of paraffin – alternatively, vaseline will also do the job as a cheap alternative to commercial sandboard wax.

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