How to Ride a Sandboard step by step


Finding the Right Spot
If this is your first time sandboarding, try to find a small size dune thats fairly straight, and doesn't have anything dangerous down the bottom. The best sort of dune would be one with a fairly steep take off and enough room at the top so you can sit down and put the bindings on, that then peters out into a flat area.

Prepare the Run
Before you start sandboarding, check out where you are going to riding, make sure that there isn't any broken glass, sharp sticks, large bushes in the way. You don't want to loose your balance and end up in a pile of broken glass. Clear the run, and the immediate area around it, particularly at the bottom of any jumps.

Waxing the board

Waxing the Board
Wax the entire bottom of your board, I recommend using actual sandboarding was, which can be purchased from Ocean Culture. I generally find you need to re-wax the board after every second or third run, depending on the how far you are going. If you end up in wet sand, you will also need to re-wax the board.

Strapping In
When putting the bindings on, sit down and put both feet in. It is much easier to do this sitting down as you won't have to worry about sliding down the dune prematurely with half a foot in the bindings and the other one trailing behind.

Taking Off
Once both your feet are in the bindings, jump straight to your feet, and you should be away down the dune... If this doesn't happen, try jumping the board forward a bit until you take off, if you still aren't moving, try to find a steeper take off spot. When you first get up, make sure that you don't dig the board into the sand or end up with a whole heap of sand on top of the board. If this happens, jump it forward a few steps, which should dislodge the sand.

Cruising along

Riding The Board
Once you are up and moving, face the direction that you are going, don't look at the ground or you will loose your balance. Keep your knees bent, while still standing up as straight as possible and if you need to, have your arms out for balance - but don't wave them around to try and get your balance, cause this won't help - just keep them out or up.
To turn the board, lean with it a bit - but not too much or you will dig it into the sand, you will need to practice at this a bit to get the hang of it.

So you've just cruised down the dune and you now want to stop, you can either just wait until the board stops by itself and sit down and unstrap yourself, or if you want to stop the board yourself, the easiest way is to turn the board and dig it into the sand a bit, this should stop you without making you fall over or at least slow you down enough that when you do fall over it isn't too bad. If you are going down the dune and need to stop real fast eg. There is a very large rock, bush, sharp glass ahead. The best way to do this is to just collapse forward onto the sand, you'll roll for a while - but hopefully you'll stop before whatever you were trying to avoid.

Sandboard Jumping

Before you try jumping in the dunes, first practice on flat ground. Cruise down a dune, then when you hit the flat try jumping and see if you can land it and stay on your feet. Once you've got the nack of this start looking for a good jump in the dunes, try to find one which has a really steep run down to it, so you can pick up heaps of speed, then you need a jump with a steep drop off on the other side and nothing to dangerous nearby. Ride the board down the dune as per normal and when you hit the jump, jump as high as you can sucking your legs up, then as you start to descend lower your legs and try to line the board up at the same angle as the dune (easier said then done), so that when you land, the board lands in one go without the front or back hitting the sand first. This most likely won't end like this and instead you'll have the front of the board hitting first sending you face first into the dune. Or the back of the board hitting and sliding out so that you end up on your back, just practice heaps and eventually you'll get it going.

Once you've got the nack of plain jumps, you'll be wanting to try some tricks, Your best bet is to try some easy stuff eg. Tailgrab, 180... Stuff like that - All the tricks that i've learnt i've copied off snowboarding games on the xbox, playstation etc. So watch some snowboarding vids and try out what they're doing