Popular sand duning experiences and destinations

North America

Sand Duning in Oregon

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (spanning from Florence to Coos Bay along the Oregon Coast) can be traversed off-road on a guided dune buggy tour or via private ATV rental. 

Sand Duning in Michigan

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes are divided in three areas: one for pedestrians, one for tour operators, and one for off-road vehicle (ORV) driving. You will need to purchase an ORV licence and trail permit before you go, which can be done online. Both motorbikes and ATVs are permitted, and all vehicles must display a safety flag mounted 10 feet off the ground. You can also rent a dune buggy or ATV from Silver Lake.

Sand Duning in Nevada

There are plenty of sand duning spots in and around Las Vegas, and you easily rent a dune buggy, ATV or quad from different tour operators. Nellis Dunes, Hidden Valley, Valley of Fire and El Dorado Canyon can all be reached off-roading from Las Vegas through the Mojave Desert.

Sand Duning in California

The Oceano Dunes States Park, about three miles south of Pismo Beach, is a huge recreational “OHV” (Off-Highway Vehicle) area for sand duning enthusiasts to roam freely. You can bring your own car or rent dune buggies, some of which are also suitable for kids. Sand duning in Pismo Beach is ideal for family trips and you can complement it with other activities such as hiking, sand sledding and camping.

South America

Sand Buggy in Peru

The oasis village of Huacachina is the most popular dune buggy destination in Peru, where you will have a chance to ride on a carro tubulare (“tubular car”) on some of the tallest white sand dunes in the world.

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Sand Bashing in Dubai

In the UAE, sand duning is more commonly referred to as “dune bashing”, and it is usually included on a desert “safari” through the suggestive red sand dunes of the Arabian desert. It is an extremely popular activity and you can easily find a tour from either Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Not for the faint of heart!

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Sand Duning Port Stephens and NSW

Sand dune safaris and quad adventures are popular in New South Wales and especially in the Stockton Beach area, stretching from Stockton to Anna Bay. Access to the area with private vehicles is possible but restricted: you will need a permit and ensuring to respect the environment of the beach and natural habitat refraining from driving on plants and grasses.

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