Extreme sports have always been a result of adventurous people trying to challenge themselves and experiment with their surroundings in order to find new exciting and thrilling ways to have fun. Surfing on sand dunes, unsurprisingly, was born as a way for surfers in Brazil to spend time when the waters were too calm for them to ride real waves. And historians suggest that a similar activity may have been practiced thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt, with people descending on desert dunes using a tool similar to a snowboard. Today, “sand boarding” is practiced extensively on both beach and desert sand dunes worldwide.

What is sand surfing?

Sand surfing (also dune surfing, desert surfing) is a generic term that describes the practice of gliding down sand dunes. More specific names such as sandboarding, sand sledding, and sand skiing are often preferred depending on the kind of equipment used, but they all refer to a sport activity in which a waxed board is used to descend down sand dunes at high speed. Sandboarding is what comes closest to actual surfing (or snowboarding), since sandboards are usually equipped with foot bindings and allow you to glide while standing. If you prefer bodyboarding, you can opt for a sandsled instead.

Sand Windsurfing

Windsurfing can also be practiced on sand, where it is also known with the name of sand kiting, sand kiteboarding, or sand kitesurfing. This variation is practiced with a mountainboard with wheels or a kite buggy and uses the power of wind to move.

Sand surfing boards and equipment

A sand surfing board is especially fabricated to glide on sand, a type of terrain which is normally not slippery. Do not attempt to use a regular surfboard on sand, because you will end up ruining it and it won’t be as effective. Sandboards and sand sleds are usually made of a hardwood layer with a thick laminate base, on which sandboard wax needs to be applied before each ride. The wax minimizes friction between sand and the board allowing you to surf on dunes. You can build your own sand surfing board (or modify your regular surfboard) or buy a commercial sandboard which already comes with food bindings (or seat pads if you decide to go for a sand sled).

Sand surfing destinations

Sand surfing in the US

There are plenty of great locations where you can surf on sand dunes across the United States. Oregon offers the most opportunities for sand surfing and other recreational sand activities across the coast, with the Sand Master Park in Florence being the first sport facility dedicated to sand boarding and sledding. California’s Mojave Desert is also a top destination with plenty of surfable sand spots such as the Dumont Dunes and the Kelso Dunes. In Utah, the Coral Pink Dunes and Little Sahara Recreation Area are popular with sand surfers. And if you are planning to go sand surfing in Colorado you can have access to some of the largest dunes in North America – the Great Sand Dunes, of course.

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Sand surfing in Peru

Peru is the one of the most sought-after sand surfing destinations and the little natural oasis town of Huacachina (near the city of Ica) has become a hot spot for sand sports enthusiasts worldwide. It is not the only place in the country where this activity is practiced, but definitely one of the most memorable. Not only this tiny paradise is entirely surrounded by golden dunes, these are also some of the tallest in the continent!

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Sand surfing in Dubai

The UAE is home to what is arguably the most famous desert in the world – the whimsical Arabian Desert. The sand dunes surrounding Dubai and Abu Dhabi are also a popular recreational area for sand surfing and sand duning, which attract thousands of extreme sports enthusiasts to the country all year round.

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Sand surfing in Australia

Sand surfing is a very popular activity in Australia, particularly in the NSW area with the infamous Stockton Beach near Port Stephens, but also the Lancelin Sand Dunes in Western Australia.

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Sand surfing in Israel

One of the fastest-growing new destinations for sand surfing is Israel, a country with over half of its territory covered by the Negev desert. The area in Ramat Negev is quickly becoming a new hotspot for sandboarders woldwide.

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