Nevada is home to wonderful sand dunes – such as the singing dunes of Sand Mountain and the huge dune field near Winnemucca. Sand surfing and off-roading are both practiced across the country and especially popular in the area surrounding Las Vegas.

“Sand Mountain” singing dune near Fallon, NV.

Sandboarding in Nevada

Sand Mountain – Fallon

The Sand Mountain Recreation Area is a half hour drive away from the town of Fallon and it is reachable from highway 50 which has the unfortunate name of “loneliest road in America”. The area is popular with both sandboarders and off-road vehicles. The Sand Mountain itself is a singing dune 600 feet (180 m) tall and there is a designated camping area right at its feet. Easily the best spot for sandboarding in Nevada!

Nellis Dunes – Las Vegas

The Nellis Dunes are the closest dunes to Las Vegas, located about 15 miles northeast of it. The area is very popular with off-road vehicles.

Amargosa Sand Dunes – Las Vegas

Dunes that reach a height up to 500 feet, located about 100 miles from Las Vegas.

Sand Duning in Nevada

There are plenty of sand duning spots in and around Las Vegas, and you easily rent a dune buggy, ATV or quad from different tour operators. Nellis DunesHidden ValleyValley of Fire and El Dorado Canyon can all be reached off-roading from Las Vegas through the Mojave Desert.

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