The southwest is home to some of North America most suggestive deserts, filled with cacti and undulating sand dunes.

Sand Dunes of Arizona

Ehrenberg Sandbowl – Ehrenberg, AZ

The hilly, sandy terrain of the Ehrenberg Sandbowl makes this site a popular place for off-highway vehicle use. The area is a starting point for visitors to explore a variety of designated roads and trails. Dispersed camping is available nearby.

Hot Well Dunes – Safford
, AZ

The sands at the Hot Well Dunes Recreation Area were a beach surrounding a lake approximately two million years ago. What remains today is one of the most unique recreation spots in Arizona. Hot Well Dunes provides the opportunity to ride 2,000 acres of sand dunes, set up a camp, and then soak in relaxing hot tubs, all in the same location.

Parker Dunes – Cactus Plain, Parker, AZ

Desert wilderness with small sand hills dunes ranging from 30 to 120 feet, many of which are covered by vegetation and unsuitable for sandboarding. The lack of trails further makes this location hard to access for most people who are not experienced hikers. The Copper Basin Dunes OHV area is dedicated to sand duning with registered off-road vehicles on designated routes.

Yuma Sand Dunes – Yuma
Desert, Yuma, AZ

The Yuma Desert comprises the far southwestern corner of Arizona. It extends about 12 miles to the north and more than 40 miles along the international boundary. The area extends onto California’s Imperial Sand Dunes, one of the most popular sandboarding recreational areas in the US.

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