Dumont Dunes. Photo courtesy of Murray Foubister. CC BY-SA 2.0.

Sandboarding in Dumont Dunes, CA

The Dumont Dunes area is situated about 30 miles north of Baker, California, on the east side of Highway 127, just outside the southeast corner of Death Valley National Monument. These dunes are especially remarkable as the “booming sand” phenomenon can be heard when visiting them, with sand avalanches sometimes generating booming sounds coming from the dunes.

Sandboarding tips

Dumont Dunes are very sandboard-friendly, but you will need to bring your own sandboarding equipment, that is, a sand board or sand dune sled, some sandboard wax, and appropriate clothing.

Off-roading in Dumont Dunes

The so-called Open Area is a OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle Area) where sand duning can be practiced. On weekends, the dunes are usually completely overrun with 4×4 cars and other off-road vehicles. In this recreational area quad biking, hiking, camping, rock climbing are also practiced.

Dumont Dunes Halloween and other holidays

Every year on the last week of October thousands of people gather in Dumont Dunes to have an unforgivable Halloween celebration: entire families, rigorously dressed up in a costume, camping, setting up haunted houses and trick-or-treating. Similar celebrations are held for Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, and another few weekends during the year. Keep in mind that you will need a special holiday pass to enter the dunes at these times!


The region is sunny and arid, with summer temperatures ranging from 100 to 120 degrees F. Low temperatures in the winter will drop below freezing with high temperatures around 70 F. Typical of desert climates, winds are regular and heavy, and humidity is usually poor.

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