Utah has many deserts and wonderful locations where you can go sandboarding. Fine colored sands, spectacular views, and a wide range of activities make Utah one of the top destinations in the USA for sand sports and other recreational activities.

There are three main sandboarding areas in Utah:

Sandboarding in Coral Pink Dunes, UT

Undoubtedly the n°1 sandboarding destination in Utah is the area known as Coral Pink Dunes, near the city of Kanab. As their name suggests, they are pinkish in color and a must-see at times of dawn and dusk, when the softer lights accentuate the color of the sand. The area spans for 3,730 acres but only the southern portion of around 2000 – known as the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park – is open all year round and accessible for sandboarding and sand duning. What makes these dunes especially attractive to sandboarders is the incredibly fine grains of sand which makes sliding smooth as ever. The tallest dune is around 100 ft tall. You can rent a sandboard directly at the site.

Sandboarding in Little Sahara Sand Dunes, UT

The Little Sahara Recreation Area in the greater Salt Lake City area is the go-to place for sandboarding in the Sevier Desert. It is a 124 square miles, 60.000 acres wide sand dune complex mostly open to recreational off-roading, but with steep sand dunes like the 700 feet tall “Sand Mountain” where you can go sand surfing. Make sure to bring your own sandboard! Other recreational activities include hiking in the vehicle-free area where plenty of plants, birds and reptiles can be found, or having your children play in two of the world’s largest sandboxes.

Sandboarding in Sand Hollow State Park, UT

Utah’s newest state park is an underestimated sandboarding destination near the town of Hurricane. The Sand Hollow State Park offers a stunning landscape made both of red sandstone dunes and blue lake waters, and the amount of activities it has to offer makes it an amazing destination among both sand and beach enthusiasts: sand duning, off-road biking, boating, kayaking, jet skiing… you name it! Bring your own sand board or dune sled and try gliding the Hurricane Sand Dunes which have very soft red sand and are not particularly steep, making them a good choice for beginners.

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