Sandboarding in England

Holywell Bay Sand Dunes, England.
Holywell Bay Sand Dunes, England. Photo courtesy of hilaris.

Holywell Bay Beach Sand Dunes

Holywell, Cornwall is also home to a beach with a complex of sand dunes; in the summer and during peak times, local shops that cater for beach goers also sell sandboards.

Braunton Burrows Sand Dunes

The Braunton Burrows sand dunes on the Devon coast, was the filming location for where Alex Bird became the first sandboarder to be towed by a car on British shores.

Seaton Sluice Sand Dunes

In the North East region of the United Kingdom, there is a small beach at Seaton Sluice where people can sandboard. This is a good alternative to sledding, as there is insufficient snow to support sledding there, even though the UK has a rather cold climate, with chilly winters and cool summers.

Sandboarding in Wales

Sandboard at Merthyr Mawr, Wales
Sandboard in Merthyr Mawr, Wales. Photo courtesy of Jack Soley.

Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes

The site of the dunes is a large interdunal wetland that covers an area of 840 acres (340 ha) in the County of Bridgend,around five kilometres (3.1 mi) southwest of Bridgend town. The village Merthyr Mawr is close to a beach and it is home to the “Big Dipper”, the second largest sand dune in Europe, measuring around 61m (200 feet), second only to the Dune of Pilat in France.

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