Sandboarding FAQs

What is sand surfing?

Sand surfing, sand boarding and dune boarding all refer to the same activity of using a sandboard to slide down sand dunes and sand hills. Most sand surfing boards are equipped with foot bindings so that they can be used as a surfboard, but they are made of a base material that when waxed minimizes friction with sand. Sand dune surfing is growing in popularity worldwide, but especially in desert locations across the US, South America, the UAE and Australia.

What is sand sledding?

Sand sledding is an activity that involves the use of sleds to go down sand dunes. Sand sleds, also called bumsleds or sand toboggans, are usually made of the same material as sandboards but smaller and wider in size. They are meant for sitting or laying down on your belly rather than standing.

What is sandboard wax?

Sandboard wax is a fat-based substance meant to reduce friction between your board and the sand terrain. It needs to be applied to the base of your board before every ride. Most sandboard waxes are made of paraffin or beeswax with the addition of various scents.

Is sandboarding fun?

Sandboarding can be an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience, even for beginners. The location, quality of the board, waxing procedure, weather and terrain conditions all contribute to how enjoyable a ride can be. Very steep and tall dunes are the most fun to slide, but they are also require the most effort in terms of hiking. This can be addressed by combining sandboarding with a quad bike or dune buggy tour which will help you to reach the top of a dune.

Is sandboarding easy?

Sandboarding is not difficult if you have proper equipment and wax your board thoroughly. A good quality sandboard, sandboarding wax and dry environmental condition are essential for a smooth and fast ride. For beginners, it is also recommended to start with sand sledding since sitting or laying down on your belly is easier than standing up.

Is sandboarding dangerous?

Sandboarding is not very dangerous, but as any extreme sport, it comes with some risks – adequate sandboard clothing and safety precautions need to be taken. There have been reports of people getting hurt or even dying from sandboarding, usually due to hitting an object during a ride or because of pre-existing heart conditions. Always check with a doctor before practicing any extreme sports and wear protective gear such as helmets if you are sliding down a very high dune or mountain.

Does my travel insurance cover sandboarding accidents?

Most insurances do not cover sandboarding and sand skiing related accidents. As a matter of fact, even if some travel insurances include protection from sport-related accidents, there are very few which recognize sandboarding as a sport. Always check directly with your insurance provider whether this is the case.

What is sand skiing?

Sand skiing is the latest addition to sandsports that were adapted from their snow counterpart. While still not as popular as sandboarding, there have been successful sand-skiing attempts on the dunes of Namibia and Peru. Regular skis need to be laminated with a waxable base in order to smoothly sled on sand.

What does sand duning mean?

Sand duning is a sport activity that involves driving or riding an off-road vehicle at high speed up and down sand dunes in OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle) designated areas away from vegetation. It is also known as desert off-roading, dune buggy, or dune bashing. Different 4×4 cars and vehicles can be modified and used for sand duning.

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