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Beach soccer is a fast-paced, exciting sport that is played on sand.

While some players prefer to play barefoot, others choose to wear footwear that provides more traction and protection.

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Beach Soccer
Beach Soccer

Beach Soccer Footwear Options


Traditionally, beach soccer is played barefoot. This allows players to feel the sand and have more control over the ball. However, playing barefoot can also lead to injuries, such as cuts and scrapes.

If you do choose to play barefoot, make sure your feet are well-conditioned by exfoliating them regularly and applying moisturizer. You may also want to wear socks with some grip to protect your feet from the sand.

If you prefer to wear footwear, there are a few different options available.

Sand socks

Sand socks are a popular choice because they provide traction and protection without sacrificing barefoot feel. They are typically made from a lightweight, breathable material and have a rubber sole with small nubs for grip.

ShocSox Beach Volleyball Socks
ShocSox Sand Socks
Tilos Sport Skin Socks
Tilos Sport Skin Socks
Seavenger SeaSnugs Low-Cut Beach Volleyball Socks
Seavenger SeaSnugs Low-Cut Beach Socks

Turf shoes / Soccer cleats

If you are playing at a high level, you may want to consider wearing turf shoes. Turf shoes are designed for artificial turf, but they can also be used on sand.

They have a rubber sole with deep grooves for grip and are typically made from a durable material that can withstand the rigors of beach soccer.

Soccer cleats with shorter, multidirectional studs or those specifically designed for use on softer surfaces can be suitable for beach soccer.

While they are primarily designed for playing on grass or turf surfaces, they can also provide traction and stability on the sand.

Best Sand Socks for Beach Soccer

Below, some of the best performing sand socks for sand soccer.

ShocSox Sand Socks

These socks are designed with neoprene material and provide excellent protection for your feet while playing sand soccer. They are built to withstand hot sand, rocks, and shells, allowing you to play comfortably all day long.

They’re ideal for all beach sports, including sand soccer, and will outlast other beach socks, making them a great investment for beach-goers.

ShocSox Beach Volleyball Socks

Tilos Sport Skin Socks for Adults and Kids

The Tilos Sport Skin Socks are perfect for beach soccer and other outdoor activities. With a 2.5mm thickness, they offer protection against hot sand and blisters, while the adjustable cuff ensures a secure fit.

The adjustable lime-colored cuff allows for a perfect fit, preventing slipping or squeezing, and the socks are lightweight, providing the protection of shoes without the added weight. They provide a layer of heavy-duty protection for your feet, so you can enjoy your time at the beach without any worries.

Tilos Sport Skin Socks for Adults and Kids

Seavenger SeaSnugs Low-Cut Beach Socks

These low-cut beach soccer socks are designed for beach sports and water activities.

They feature a 2mm neoprene construction for added warmth in cold water, and the low-cut design ensures a comfortable fit in beach soccer shoes. The anti-slip sole provides stability on slippery surfaces and protection from hot sand and rocks.

These beach socks are ideal for beach soccer, water sports, and beach activities, and are available in various sizes for both men and women.

Seavenger SeaSnugs Low-Cut Beach Volleyball Socks

Beach Soccer Footwear FAQs

What kind of footwear should I wear for beach soccer?

There are three main types of footwear suitable for beach soccer: barefoot, sand socks, and turf shoes.

Barefoot play allows for better sand and ball feel, but it increases the risk of cuts and scrapes.

Sand socks provide protection from sand and rocks while keeping your feet cool and comfortable.

Turf shoes, designed for artificial turf, can also be used for beach soccer, offering more traction and support.

Can I play beach soccer barefoot?

Yes, playing beach soccer barefoot is possible. However, be mindful of potential risks, such as cuts and scrapes from the sand and rocks.

Ensure your feet are in good condition and apply sunscreen for sun protection.

What are the best types of socks for beach soccer?

Sand socks are specifically designed for beach sports like beach soccer.

They differ from regular socks and are meant to be worn without shoes.

Sand socks provide protection from hot sand, debris, and potential injuries during intense beach soccer matches.

What type of shoes should I wear for beach soccer?

For beach soccer, you can wear soccer cleats or turf shoes.

Soccer cleats offer traction and support on various surfaces, while turf shoes are designed for playing on artificial turf but can also be suitable for beach soccer.

Choose the option that provides the right balance of comfort, stability, and protection for your needs.

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