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Antofagasta, Чили – The “Mono Fest Sandboard” championship, the first national circuit of its kind, will be held on March 24th and 25th at the Roca Roja sector of Antofagasta. The initiative is being organized by the Antofagasta sandboard club Desierto Extremo and will be followed by events in Iquique and Caldera later in the year.

Събитие за стартиране на Mono Fest Sandboard
The Mono Fest Sandboard launch event at Koh Bar Antofagasta introduced the first national sandboarding circuit in Chile, in memory of Andres Arriagada.

The event is also a tribute to Andrés Arriagada, known as “el mono,” a 27-year-old athlete who passed away in 2020 and made an indelible mark on the local sport.

The Director Ejecutivo of the Corporación Municipal de Deportes y Recreación de Antofagasta (CMDR), Braulio Otárola Rojas, said that “this type of activity enhances our city.” He added that “besides the sport itself, the location stands out, providing opportunities to promote adventure tourism. We could have a tourism hub for non-conventional sports.”

The president of the club, Rocío González, said that “this is the first national circuit being organized in Chile. Our event opens it, followed by Iquique in April and Caldera in November. The idea is to create a national ranking and support riders who want to compete abroad, as well as establish new bases within the competition.”

Virna Salinas, the mother of Andrés Arriagada, expressed her gratitude for the championship being held in honor of her son. “If my son were alive, he would be supporting this championship. His words and his soul are present in this initiative,” she said.

The sandboarding event is expected to attract tourists and sports enthusiasts to Antofagasta, highlighting the city’s potential for adventure tourism. The CMDR has expressed its commitment to support these and other sporting activities that promote physical activity and well-being.

The launch of the circuit was held on March 17th at Koh Bar Antofagasta, and the event promises to be an exciting showcase of the sport’s top athletes.

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