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BLACK ROCK CITY, NEVADA – The global nonprofit Burning Man Project has announced the selected artworks for the Black Rock City 2024 Honoraria Program.

This program is a testament to the organization’s commitment to amplifying creative expression in Black Rock City (BRC) and beyond.

The Honoraria Program is a significant part of the Burning Man Project’s efforts to foster and celebrate artistic expression.

Artworks at Burning Man 2024

A Funding Boost for Art

The annual budget for the Honoraria Program art grants has seen an increase to $1.3M, up from $1.2M in 2018.

This increase is a result of the generosity of numerous donors passionate about art in Black Rock City.

The additional funding will allow the program to fund a higher percentage of proposed project budgets, stimulating artists’ creative energy and developing their fundraising capacity.

This increase in funding is expected to have a significant impact on the scale and scope of the projects that will be realized.

Selection Process

This year, out of 547 Letters of Intent, 375 projects were invited to submit full proposals. Ultimately, 76 projects will receive funding for Black Rock City in 2024, promising another year of memorable art installations.

The selection process for the Honoraria extends beyond individual value judgments. The focus is on crafting a holistic experience as diverse as the citizens of BRC.

The goal is to embrace the rich diversity of the community and the various ways art facilitates participation. This approach ensures a wide range of experiences for attendees.

2024 Theme — Curiouser and Curiouser

The theme for this year, Curiouser and Curiouser, has inspired a wide range of art installations.

The open playa will contain an abundance of experiences designed to disorient and dazzle our perceptions.

From a larger-than-life dryer, “Sock-o-tron 4200”, that participants can spin like a human hamster wheel, to “Banana for Scale” by Caroline Kamm, a 30’ long banana installation, the theme promises to bring a fantastical wonderland of creativity and imagination to life.

This year’s theme is expected to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, offering attendees a unique and immersive experience.

Earlier this year, the design for the annual Burning Man temple was revealed with the name of “Temple of Together,” symbolizing unity and collaboration.

This year’s temple, designed by Caroline Ghosn, incorporates gothic architecture and sustainable materials to create a space for reflection and communal gathering in the desert landscape.

For more information about the Burning Man Project and the 2024 Black Rock City Honoraria Program, please visit the official website.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements about the program and the exciting projects it will bring to life.

Photo Gallery

  • “Naga and the Captainess” by Cjay Roughgarden, Stephanie Shipman, Jackie Scott, and Crew, supported by Five Ton Crane
  • “Camp-Fire” by Wilhelmus Vlug
  • “Fable Bound” by Kyle Stewart and Build to Strike
  • “Banana for Scale” by Caroline Kamm
  • “The End of Time” by Andrea Greenlees and Andy Tibbetts
  • “Zozobot the Curious Clown” by Walker Babington

The 2024 Black Rock City Honoraria Recipients

A Capsule of Curiosity — Andi Morency and The Gryphonart Collective – Honors Academy of Literature Student Artist Group — Reno, NV

A Moment in an Aeon — Iyvone Khoo and Miguel Guzman — Joshua Tree, CA

A Seat on the Throne — Chelsea Odufu — Newark, NJ

Always Another Sunrise — Chelsey Hathman — Oakland, CA

Anti-Gravitational Chamber — Intergalactic Confederation — Grass Valley, CA

Apex of Azure — Anna Gribovsky — San Francisco, CA

Bad Hatter — Neil Mendoza and Winslow Porter and Birmingham!! — Albuquerque, NM; New York, NY

Banana for Scale — Caroline Kamm — Brussels, Belgium

¡¡¡¡Big Spinning Wheels!!!! — Josh Cohen and PDA — Roxbury, NY

Black Rock City Supper Club — Carlyn Perona King — Reno, NV

Camp-Fire — Wilhelmus Vlug — Volendam, The Netherlands

Carried by the Wind — Cameron Anne Mason and Dusty Nation — Seattle, WA

Celestial Syzygy Garden — Shane Robinson and TRM Artistic Metal Creations — Dolan Springs, AZ

Coney McConeface: The Life and Death of a Traffic Cone — Chris Hankins and Conecophany Collective — Dargaville, New Zealand

COQUÍ — NiNo Alicea and The Parliament Art Crew — Los Angeles, CA; Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

DANCING BALLOON ROBOT — Sepehr Ghassemi and SEP GHAS — Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Seattle, WA; Tehran, Iran

Desert Pop — Lance Dehne — Reno, NV

Dream Slide — William Nemitoff and Curious Form — New Orleans, LA

Equinox of Curiosity — Candice Stewart and Cozy Torpedo — Asheville, NC

Fable Bound — Kyle Stewart and Build to Strike — Denver, CO

Gaia Weeps — Michael Malecki and Dmitriy Yastrebov — Grass Valley, CA; Bowling Green, KY

Glimmer — Tabasco Mills and Iron Monkeys — Seattle, WA

Goa Gil Farewell Darshan — Gaby Tello and Friends of Goa Gil — Oakland, CA

Habitat — Mark Rivera and Kidnetick — Santurce, Puerto Rico

H E A R T H — Mckenzie Genin and The Green Bucket Lab — Woodside, CA

Heartless Dino — Arturo Gonzalez and Arte Conciencia — Saltillo, Mexico

Interlace — Josh Zubkoff & Srikanth Guttikonda with Looking Up Arts — San Francisco, CA

Kaleidoscope Hole — Michaela Hares — Eugene, OR

Light Curve — Sam Cooler with Art for Open Spaces — San Francisco, CA

Live Dangerously, Carefully — Jamie Joyce — Berkeley, CA; Houston, TX

Lost in Thought — Matthew Schultz — Reno, NV

Mare — Francesco Campanella and OTG — Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL

Mariposa — Christopher Schardt — Oakland, CA

Mona Mushroom — Miao He and Promoting Art (PART) center — Hangzhou, China

Monoceros — Harley Bergsma — Truth or Consequences, NM

Naga and the Captainess — Cjay Roughgarden, Stephanie Shipman, Jackie Scott, and Crew, supported by Five Ton Crane — Oakland, CA

Nebula Shroom Grove — Silvia Rueda and Understory — Bogotá, Colombia; London, United Kingdom

Ogoh Ogoh The Karmic Questioner — I Wayan Sunarinta and The Karma Collective — Bali, Indonesia

Organic Study No. 4 — Luis Varela-Rico — Las Vegas, NV

P.O.D.S. (Plants of Dimensional Spatiality) — Tyler Fuqua and Tyler FuQua Creations — Eagle Creek, OR

Penumbra — ArtBuilds Collective — San Diego, CA

Perpetual Motion — David Boyer — Reno, NV

Pipedream — Scott Ashkenaz (Smash) & the Swingers — San Francisco, CA

Polychroma — Emily Nicolosi and In Theory Art Collective — Huntsville, UT

Promise of the Century — Alyssa Oliveira and Alpine Artists Collective — Olympic Valley, CA

Radial Sonic Runway — Robert Jensen and The Sonic Runway Crew — Berkeley, CA

Reclamation of a Stolen Heart — Nathaniel Holben and Strength in Numbers Collective — Martinez, CA

ReHatchosaurus Recyclosaurus III (aka R3) — Lynda Traves and Reno Core Project — Reno, NV

Release — Dana Albany — San Francisco, CA

Relevé Ladies — Rebekah Waites — Los Angeles, CA

Rhinoceros — Barry Crawford — Silver Springs, NV

Rushmore — Mr and Mrs Ferguson — Alameda, CA

Scared Sacred — Beau Blanche — Los Angeles, CA

Shell — Colin Bowring and Rainbow Geometric — Oakland, CA

Sky Gazing — Patrick Shearn and Poetic Kinetics — Colorado Springs, CO

SLOW — Eva Reiska, Layna Joy Rivas and Collaboration between Circular Design MA students of Estonian Academy of Arts (Estonia), Ravens Landing (USA) and V2GI (Estonia) — Tallinn, Estonia; Clearlake Oaks, CA

Sock-o-tron 4200 — Socks Stray and Sockdrawer — San Francisco, CA

Styx and Stones — Cody Steele — Philadelphia, PA

Tall Tails — Clinton Lesh — Bozeman, MT

Tempus Turibulum, the time burner — Alexander Rose and Tempus Turibulum — Sausalito, CA

The (Im)possible Dialogue — Jean Collin-Satre and FAFA — Poissy, France

The (Middle Path) Bridge Between Heaven and Earth — See See Kwan — El Cerrito, CA

The (re)Salvaged Spoon — Taylor Simpson and The Sunrise Art Collective — Seattle, WA

The Basic Bench — Daniel L. Paster and DPDB LLC — Boulder, CO; San Diego, CA

The End of Time — Andrea Greenlees and Andy Tibbetts — London, United Kingdom; Reno, NV

The Mothership Connection — Zak Ové and Project Aikido — Las Palmas, Spain; London, United Kingdom

The Portal: An Inquiry into the Liminal — Rahel Campbell and Diaspora Collective — Los Angeles, CA

The Purple Unicorn — Alessandro Thompson and Barnacle Bros. — Oakland, CA

The Reckoning — Julia Jerome — Oakland, CA

The Silence of TENGRI — Turburam Sandagdorj and Wild Horses Collective — Reno, NV

The Solar Library Phase 3, The Solaria — Jared Ficklin and The Other Singularity — Austin, TX

The Teetering Trail of Tooter — Robert Cox — Kalama, WA

Tree Circle — Eira Mooney and Alquem — Växjö, Sweden; Bogotá, Colombia; Ibiza, Spain

Typha — Taylor Dean Harrison — Penngrove, CA

Womantree — Valerie Elizabeth Mallory — Oakland, CA

Zozobot the Curious Clowndroid — Walker Babington — New Orleans, LA

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