Last Updated on February 21, 2024

On behalf of Tree Petts Casting:

Tree Petts Casting

We are a casting company in the UK and are looking for unexpected characters who have a passion and love for motorsports or extreme sports that relates to racing, speed, exhilaration (this could include Sand boarding, Dune Sledding, Volcano Boarding, Dune Bugging, Go Karting, Remote Control car racing, Box Car racing, Formula 1 racing, Rally Car racing, Motor Bike racing etc). If there is a (slight) connection to Formula 1 or a Formula 1 team that would be great. This is for a small documentary that is affiliated to a Formula 1 Race team. 

We are looking for stories of unique and unexpected fandom from across the world / unexpected characters that have interesting racing stories/passions. WE ARE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WORLDWIDE – NOT JUST UK

We need a mix of men and women that tick the following boxes:

  • Aged 25+
  • Have a passion for motorsport or extreme sports
  • Have a unique or unexpected background associated to motorsport
  • Must speak English

Should you be selected you would be taken to a Grand Prix race some time in the week commencing 27th June (you will only be needed for 1-2 days). You will be looked after, given a very expensive ticket, get some merchandise and be paid £1000.  You will be flown in from wherever you are in the world and all expenses paid. 

If you would like to apply, please email us at [email protected] logo icon

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