Information about the desert: what is a desert and what are many types of hot and cold deserts, desert travel guides and interesting facts.

Desert Coyotes: Facts, Info, Diet, Habitat

Coyotes (Canis latrans) are a common sight in many deserts across North America. These intelligent and adaptable animals have been able to survive in a wide range of habitats, including deserts, grasslands, and forests, and can be found virtually anywhere across the continent. Desert Coyote. Mojave Desert, USA Appearance Coyotes…


Are there ticks in the desert?

Ticks are a common concern for many outdoor enthusiasts, and the desert is no exception. While many people may assume that the dry, arid conditions of the desert would be inhospitable to ticks, the reality is that there are several species of ticks that can be found in deserts throughout…


The History and Natural Wonders of Sand Mountain, Georgia

Sand Mountain is a hidden gem located in the northwest corner of Georgia, as well as parts of Alabama and Tennessee. It is a part of the Cumberland Plateau, which is known for its rugged and mountainous terrain. Sand Mountain is separated from the rest of the plateau by the Sequatchie Valley and the Tennessee River, making it a unique and secluded destination. The mountain has a rich history of human settlement dating back 9000 years and is known for its dense rainforest, panoramic views, and diverse array of plant and animal life.


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