Great sand dunes national park and preserve, Colorado
Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Discover the Most Spectacular Sand Dunes in the United States

Explore the top ten sand dune destinations in the United States, each offering unique experiences for visitors. From California's Imperial Sand Dunes to Michigan's Sleeping Bear Dunes, adventure enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, off-road vehicle activities, and water sports. Nature lovers can take a leisurely walk or go stargazing, and photography buffs can capture incredible sunrise and sunset views.

Aerial view of the sand dunes near Yuma
Aerial view of the sand dunes near Yuma. Source: Google Maps

Yuma Sand Dunes & Imperial Sand Dunes Recreational Area

The Yuma Sand Dunes, also known as the Imperial Sand Dunes, are 40 miles long and stretch north to south in the Sonoran desert. They are one of the largest and most popular off-road vehicle recreation areas in the United States, attracting more than a million visitors each year. Located…


The History and Natural Wonders of Sand Mountain, Georgia

Sand Mountain is a hidden gem located in the northwest corner of Georgia, as well as parts of Alabama and Tennessee. It is a part of the Cumberland Plateau, which is known for its rugged and mountainous terrain. Sand Mountain is separated from the rest of the plateau by the Sequatchie Valley and the Tennessee River, making it a unique and secluded destination. The mountain has a rich history of human settlement dating back 9000 years and is known for its dense rainforest, panoramic views, and diverse array of plant and animal life.


Coos Bay Sand Dunes

The Coos Bay Sand Dunes in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area are a must-see destination for UTV enthusiasts. The dunes, located just north of Coos Bay, offer designated sand roads, forests, and year-round beach access. Navigating the dunes can be tricky, so it's important to familiarize yourself with main landmarks and access points, and to have adequate tires.


Manhattan Beach Sand Dune Park: Workout, Rules and Reservations

Manhattan Beach Sand Dune Park offers a unique workout experience with its 100-foot high sand dune. The steep incline and soft sand provide a challenging climb for fitness enthusiasts. The park also features 208 steps for an alternative workout, and is popular among amateur and professional athletes such as Troy Polamalu and Kobe Bryant. The park is also known for its playground and picnic facilities, and is a must-visit destination in Manhattan Beach.


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