Extreme sports and activities on sand – whether at the beach or on desert dunes. Think sandboarding, sand sledding, dune buggy, and riding dirt bikes on sand!

Sandsports: for desert and beach fun

Sand Sports Master List Board Sports Sandboarding (or sand surfing) Sliding down sand dunes with a sandboard while standing up on two feet. Sandsledding (or sand toboganning) Sliding down sand dunes with a sandsled while sitting or laying down on your belly. Volcano boarding (or volcano surfing, ashboarding) Sliding down…


Sandboarding in Africa

Sandboarding is still a new sport in Africa, so there's plenty of room for personal discovery. The vast, arid plains of the Sahara and the deserts of Namibia and South Africa offer some of the best sandboarding in the world. These huge deserts are made up of dunes that are…


Snowboarding on sand dunes

Snowboarders eager to practice out of season, do not despair: sandboarding is here to stay. In many countries were glaciers are not widely available, like Namibia, or sadly shrinking due to global warming, such as in Peru, the practice of sliding down sand dunes is flourishing. Sand snowboarding is definitely…


Sand Dunes 101: What are they and how are they formed

What are sand dunes, and how do they get established? A dune is a hill of sand that forms where the combination of winds and/or the contribution of sediment by water currents allow the accumulation of sand: the wind lifts the accumulated sand from the sea and carries it inland,…


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