Desert hiking and camping amongst sand dunes: best equipment, recommended gear, survival tips and recommendations for your upcoming desert adventures.

Finding food in the Desert

Finding food in the desert is more difficult than in any other environment, especially in hot sandy deserts like the Sahara. If you are planning a hiking trip to the desert, it's best to think ahead and bring your own food. But if you find yourself in a desert survival…


Are there deserts in Canada?

Canada is well-known for having a cold climate, so you may be surprised to find out that there are deserts in Canada, albeit a unconventional. In fact, many of the desert-like regions you'll find in the country are not dry enough to qualify as "true" deserts, but you will still…


The Largest Deserts of the World

Antarctica is the largest desert in the world. It may sound surprising, for people tend to only consider hot deserts filled with sand dunes and camels, but technically any territory with low precipitation classifies as a desert - including polar and cold deserts. In fact, the Antarctic and Arctic deserts…


Best color to wear in the desert

Common knowledge dictates that in hot weather it is preferable to wear light colors, because they reflect UV rays from the sun, whereas dark clothes tend to absorb them and generate heat. This is why people often pick white clothes for the summer, but does it make that much of…


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