Desert hiking and camping amongst sand dunes: best equipment, recommended gear, survival tips and recommendations for your upcoming desert adventures.

Best Snacks for Desert Hiking

The ideal snacks for desert hiking are high-calorie and protein-rich options like trail mix, jerky, and Clif Bars. Lightweight, hydrating, and non-perishable snacks are also important for sustained energy. Choose snacks you enjoy to keep yourself motivated on the trail.


10 Tips for Desert Photography

Desert photography offers a captivating opportunity to capture the breathtaking beauty of these awe-inspiring landscapes. From the vast expanse of sand dunes to the ethereal salt flats, deserts provide a unique setting for photographers to unleash their creativity and create stunning images that leave a lasting impression Tips for Desert…


Reasons to Visit the Desert, A Place of Beauty, Adventure, and Spiritual Connection

Deserts are a diverse and fascinating landscape that offer a wide range of experiences for visitors. From the stunning beauty of the sand dunes to the thrill of sandboarding, deserts have something to offer everyone. Visitors can also learn about the rich history and culture of desert cultures, or simply relax and connect with nature in a peaceful setting.


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