Sleeping Bags for Desert Camping

Outdoor camping in the desert can get tricky due to the extreme climate conditions which see very hot weather during the day and plummeting temperatures at night. On one hand, traditonal winter sleeping bags meant for cold weather may be too heavy to carry while hiking on sand dunes, while…


Sand Dune Climbing

Climbing on sand dunes differs from hiking for the lack of trails and the fact that you are, well, attempting to climb on a huge pile of soft sand, inevitably ending up half step back after each step forward. Dune climbing is no easy feat, but the challenge is what…


Best Gaiters for Desert Hiking & Running

When it comes to desert camping and backpacking gear, shoe gaiters are sometimes overlooked. These protective ankle and lower leg coverings can really make a difference when hiking across sand dunes in the hot desert sun, as they offer an extra layer of protection against debris, scorching sand, and snake…


Best Shoes for Desert & Beach Sand Dunes

Choosing a quality pair of shoes is one of the most essential aspects of any outdoors hiking trip. But when it comes to harsh desert environments and extreme weather conditions, you need to choose footwear that is both sturdy and breathable. Adequate cushioning, breathable materials, and good ankle support will…


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