Sandboarding in Africa

Sandboarding is still an emerging sport in Africa, so there's plenty of room for personal discovery. The vast, arid plains of the Sahara and the deserts of Namibia and South Africa offer some of the best sandboarding in the world. These huge deserts are made up of dunes that are…

Dune skiing in Algeria
Sand skiing in Algeria. Photo courtesy of Olivier Lepetit.

What skis can you use on sand dunes?

More and more people are becoming interested in sand skiing, but this niche sport is still at its infancy and the technology supporting it is still not very advanced. Most people who practiced skiing on sand dunes use a regular pair of skis with a handful of sandboard wax, although…

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The History of Sand Skiing: From Its Early Days to the Present

Sand skiing is a winter sport that can be enjoyed in the summertime as well. It has a long history dating back to the early 20th century, when French aviator and mountaineer Marie Marvingt created aluminum skis to land on Saharan sands in Morocco and Algeria. Today, sand skiing is a popular sport in many parts of the world, and there are even competitions held for sand skiers.

Sandboarding History - Egyptians skiing on sand in 1939s
Sand Skiing in Egypt 1939. Unknown author.

History and Origins of Sandboarding

Sandboarding as we know it gained popularity in the early 2000s and is today widely practiced in many locations worldwide, but the origins of this sport may date back thousands of years. It is unclear exactly who first invented sandboarding, with some claiming that people in Ancient Egypt would use…

Man sand skiing
Sand-skiing. Photo courtesy of Martin GH.

Sand-skiing: the latest sandsport fad

Sand skiing is a sport that involves gliding down sand dunes on specially designed skis. It is a relatively new sport, but it is quickly gaining popularity, especially in areas with large sand dunes, such as the Sahara Desert and the Namib Desert. If sandboarding is somewhat already established -…


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