Sand surfing equipment – board wax, clothing, goggles, shoes and other accessories.

Veldskoen shoes / chukka boots
Chukka boots are inspired by traditional African veldskoen shoes

Best Chukka Boots & Chukka Shoes

Clarks popularized desert chukka boots back in the 1950s, and their style is based on the popular veldskoen shoes worn in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. Chukkas are now considered fashionable and are worn almost everywhere, not just in the desert. Whether you need a pair of desert trakking shoes,…

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Sandboard bindings and foot straps

Bindings and foot straps are an essential connection point between you and your sandboard. Tightly strapping your feet to the board while sledding down a dune ensures that you have enough control and stability to stand up effectively “surfing” on sand. As part of the Amazon Associate and eBay Partner…


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