Sandboards and sand sleds for sliding down sand dunes. Buy one or build your own.

Sand Sledding / Tobogganing on sand dunes
Sand dune sledding. Photo courtesy of Patrick Myers. CC.BY.2

Sand dune sledding and sand tobogganing

Sledding on sand dunes is one of the most popular recreational activities on sand dunes, next to sandboarding. It consists of either lying on a piece of board face down or sitting on it while gliding down a sand dune. Sleds and toboggans for beach and desert dunes are built…

Man skateboarding on sand.
Man skateboarding on sand. Photo courtesy of Ilya Melnichenko.

Snowboards and other boards you may (not) use on sand dunes

Can you snowboard on sand? So-called "sandboarding" may be increasing in popularity, but it is still a niche sport compared to its other, more popular “boarding” siblings. That said, before modern technology made it possible to manufacture boards specifically for sandy terrains, many people would rely on their snowboard or…


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