Sandboarding and desert dune adventures in Continental and South Africa.

What is a Coastal Desert?

Coastal deserts are deserts located in coastal areas, generally at the western edges of continents near the tropics. Winds off the coast blows in an easterly pattern and prevents the moisture from moving onto the land, thus causing a desert climate. To classify as a desert, the area needs to…

Dune skiing in Algeria
Sand skiing in Algeria. Photo courtesy of Olivier Lepetit.

Sandboarding in Algeria

Algeria is the largest country in Africa, and much of its territory is covered by the Sahara desert. There are countless massive sand dunes where sand surfing can be practiced, albeit in somewhat remote locations of Algeria. Sand skiing near Djanet, Algeria. Photo courtesy of Olivier Lepetit. Algeria Sand Dunes…


The Sahara Desert in Mauritania

Approximately three-fourths of Mauritania is a desert or semidesert, with nothing but sand in much of the center and northern part of the country. The desert has been expanding ever since the 1960s as a result of severe draught over long periods of time. The Empty Quarter The desert plateaus…


Sandboarding in Johannesburg

The landlocked region of Gauteng in South Africa does not have any coastal dunes, but it is still possible to practice sand surfing at Mount Mayhem mine dumps, located in Boksburg about half a hour drive from Johannesburg and just outside of Benoni. Mount Mayhem Sandboarding. Sandboarding at Mt. Mayhem…


The Sahara Desert Guide & Interesting Facts

The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world and the second hottest desert after the Lut desert in Iran. It occupies approximately 10 percent of the African Continent including Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Sudan and Tunisia. Hence, the history of the Sahara is as…


Sandboarding in the Sahara Desert

The Sahara is the largest hot desert on Earth and it crosses almost a dozen countries in Northern Africa. Sandboarding on the dunes of the Sahara is a truly magical experience that should be on every thrill seeker's bucket list, and there are many different locations where you can do…


Sandboarding in Africa

Sandboarding is still an emerging sport in Africa, so there's plenty of room for personal discovery. The vast, arid plains of the Sahara and the deserts of Namibia and South Africa offer some of the best sandboarding in the world. These huge deserts are made up of dunes that are…


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