Sandboarding and desert dune adventures in Australia.

Sandboarding in Fraser Island

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Fraser Island is one of Queensland's most popular attractions for beach lovers and it's no surprise that this incredible location - which is also the largest sand island in the entire world - is also a hotspot for sandboarding and dune sports. There are…

Lancelin Sand Dunes
Lancelin Sand Dunes. Photo courtesy of CyclonicallyDeranged.

Sandboarding in Western Australia

There are many sandboarding locations in Western Australia. The sand dunes near Lancelin are probably the most popular, but there are many other spots across the region, on desert and coastal dunes near Perth, the Turqouise Coast near Green Head and Jurien Bay, and on the coast east of Albany…

Moreton Island Dunes
Dunes with a view in Moreton Island. Photo courtesy of MoretonIslandAdventures.

Sandboarding in Queensland

Queensland has plenty of opportunities for beach and desert lovers alike, and some of the best sandboarding spots of Australia are located here. The Tangalooma desert in Moreton Island is a popular tourist destination with "desert safari tours" and sandboarding, but you can also hit the Big Red dunes of…

Henty Dunes, Strahan, Tasmania.
Henty Dunes in Strahan, Australia. Photo courtesy of rhein.

Sandboarding in Tasmania

You can grab your sandboard or toboggan and slide down sand dunes in Strahan, Tasmania. A vast expanse of sand in the west of the island is formed by a series of giant dunes that stretches several kilometres inland and 15 kilometres along the coast. The Henty Sand Dunes, which…


Sand Surfing and Toboganning on Moreton Island

The stunning sand island of Moreton is a flourishing Australian sandboarding destination near Brisbane in Queensland. The island is home to Tangalooma Desert, simply known as "The Desert", a truly unique place with dunes entirely surrounded by vegetation and where a variety of minerals give birth to 32 different colours…

Sand surfing Te Paki Sand Dunes New Zealand
Te Paki Sand Dunes, NZ. Photo courtesy of Bernard Spragg.

Sandboarding in New Zealand

New Zealand is an incredible country that has got just about anything an adventure seeker may wish for, including amazing sand dunes you can surf on. There are plenty of great sandboarding destinations across NZ, especially in the North Island's Northland region, where people enjoy sand sledding down the Giant…

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