Sandboarding and desert dune adventures in Europe.

Corracloe Beach near Wexford Ireland
Curracloe dunes and beach along Wexford Bay. Photo courtesy of Rodney Burton.

Sandboarding in Ireland

Despite not being a desert destination, Ireland has quite a few sand surfing spots to offer and there is a small but very lively community of sandboarders near Wexford. The Curracloe Sand Fest was held there as part of the Sandboarding World Tour in 2017. Curracloe dunes and beach along…


Sandboarding in Spain

While still not very wide spread, there surely is potential for sandboarding as a mainstream sport in Spain. The region of Andalusia is home to the Tabernas Desert, the only desert in Europe (!), and while the landscape there is partly protected, there are many coastal dunes nearby where you…

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Holywell Bay Sand Dunes, England.
Holywell Bay Sand Dunes, England. Photo courtesy of hilaris.

Sandboarding in the UK

Believe it or not, but sand surfing is not limited to sunny and warm locations in the desert. The United Kingdom may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of sandboarding, but both England and Wales offer quite a few spots where this sport can…

Sand surfing at the huge sand dune at Salir do Porto
Duna de Salir do Porto. Photo courtesy of Vitor Oliveira.

Sandboarding at Salir do Porto, Portugal

Over the past decade Portugal has become one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe, attracting thousands of tourists, digital nomads and surfers from all over the world. Those with an interest in sandboarding will also find that the country hosts one of the tallest sand dunes in Europe,…


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