Sandboarding and desert adventures in North America.

Best Desert Tours and Experiences in Tucson, Arizona

Unveil the wonders of Tucson's Sonoran Desert with thrilling tours and unique experiences. Explore the rugged landscapes, marvel at towering saguaro cacti, indulge in wine tasting, soar above the desert in a hot air balloon, and step back in time to the days of the Old West. Adventure awaits in Tucson's desert paradise.


Desert X 2023: Art, Culture, and the Environment Collide in the California Desert

Desert X 2023 is a must-see exhibition for anyone interested in the intersection of art, culture, and the environment. It is a chance to explore some of the most pressing issues of our time through the eyes of some of the most talented artists working today. The exhibition is a celebration of creativity and collaboration, and it is a testament to the power of art to inspire change.


Palm Desert Tourist Attractions and Things to Do

Palm Desert is a hidden gem in the Coachella Valley, offering warm weather, natural beauty, and a variety of things to do and see. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, El Paseo Shopping District, and the McCallum Theatre are among the top tourist attractions in the area. Visitors can also enjoy hot air balloon rides, hiking in Joshua Tree National Park, and shopping at the Cabazon Outlets.


Best Desert Hiking Boots for Arizona

The Arizona desert is characterized by long, hot summers and short, mild winters. Therefore, hikers must choose breathable shoes that can keep their feet cool and dry. Footwear with sturdy soles is crucial for hiking in the Arizona desert, while shoes with high ankle support can help prevent ankle injuries on uneven surfaces.


A Guide to the Deserts of Texas: Where to Go and What to See

The US Southwest is known for its arid landscape, with vast expanses of deserts stretching across the region. Texas, being the second-largest state in the country, occupies a significant portion of this belt, with various types of terrain ranging from plains to mountains. This article explores Texas's unique geography, diverse flora and fauna, and natural phenomena, such as the Chihuahuan and Trans-Pecos deserts, Big Bend National Park, and the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park.


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