Sandboarding and desert adventures in North America.

High Desert Cities are Preparing for Christmas 2022

Municipalities located in the "High Desert", a region located in the western Mojave desert in southern California, are preparing for Christmas 2022 with celebrations and parades, but will perhaps decorate palm trees instead of pines and firs. A "white" Christmas is unlikely in the desert, but expect holiday vibes with…


Telosa, the suistanable city of the future in the US desert

American billionaire Marc Lore, former CEO of Walmart, has announced a utopian project for the creation of Telosa, a sustainable $400 billion metropolis he hopes to create in the American desert. The ambitious proposal, which should cover about 106 square kilometers, will accommodate 5 million people and promises an ecological…


Deserts of California

There are three main deserts in California: the Mojave Desert, the Colorado Desert, and the Great Basin Desert. The California Deserts have unique ecosystems and habitats, a sociocultural and historical collection of "Old West" legends, districts and communities, which also form a popular tourist region of dramatic natural features and…


Washington State Deserts

Washington state has very different landscapes to offer including deserts, but also beaches, forests, mountains, volcanoes, and several coastal islands. The state is separated by the the Cascade Mountains which determine what kind of climate you are going to find: wet areas filled with pineforests to the west; dry, arid…

Rock formation in the Mojave desert
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Mojave National Preserve Travel Guide

Mojave National Preserve is an area of immense desert landscapes in southeastern California. It is federally protected as a National Preserve and is part of the National Park System. Mojave National Preserve's enormous desert territories include elements of three of the four major North American deserts: the Mojave, Great Basin,…


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