Sandboarding and desert adventures in North America.

White & Black Sand Beaches in USA

Looking for the most beautiful white sandy beaches in USA? Every year Stephen Leatherman, also known "Dr. Beach", professor and director of the Coastal Research Laboratory at Florida International University in Miami, ranks the best beaches of the year, all around the US from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.…

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Badlands National Park. South Dakota, United States

Badlands, a journey into the heart of South Dakota

The southwestern region of South Dakota does not have a traditional desert, but it offers an equally stunning arid landscape known as the Badlands. As you drive through the state, the formations of Badlands National Park suddenly appear, almost out of nowhere, in the middle of the prairie. Millions of…

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Dunas de Bani, Las Calderas, Dominican Republic.

Sandboarding in the Dominican Republic

It will be hard to find a desert in the Caribbeans but you can still have fun riding the sand on some coastal dunes in the Dominican Republic. Sandboarding is practiced at the Dunas de Baní in the Peravia province, on the southern shore of the country. These dunes are…

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Sonoran Desert Travel Guide

As you travel across the United States, one of the most scenic places you can visit is the magnificent Sonoran Desert, the largest hot desert in the country, which stretches along California, Arizona and the border with Mexico. The Sonora Desert is an enchanting desert destination to discover breathtaking landscapes,…


Telosa, the suistanable city of the future in the US desert

American billionaire Marc Lore, former CEO of Walmart, has announced a utopian project for the creation of Telosa, a sustainable metropolis he hopes to create in the American desert. The ambitious proposal, which should cover about 106 square kilometers, will accommodate 5 million people and promises an ecological architecture, sustainable…

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Sandboarding at Kelso Dunes

The Kelso Dunes are one of the four main Californian locations for sand surfing in the Mojave Desert (although there are plenty more dunes along the coast of Southern California). The Kelso dune system is the third-largest in the US and one of the few places where it is possible to witness the natural phenomenon of "singing" (or "booming") sand, so definitely worth a visit!

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Green Sand beach in Hawaii. Photo courtesy of Elserbio00

Sandboarding in Hawaii

The surfer's paradise of Hawaii has plenty to offer to beach lovers, including a few locations where you can enjoy sand dune sledding and skimboarding. Despite the fact that the islands were formed by volcanic activity, there are neither any true deserts nor any places suitable for volcano boarding in…


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