Sandboarding and desert dune adventures in South America.

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Sandboarding at Lomas de Solymar - Ciudad de la Costa, Uruguay. Photo courtesy of Germantito.

Sandboarding in Uruguay

There are plenty of opportunities for fans of sandboarding in Uruguay, mostly located around the coast. The best dunes are located in La Paloma in Cabo Polonio, although there are plenty of smaller beach dunes that you can hit near major cities in Canelones and Maldonado. Montevideo does not have…


Sandboarding in Ecuador

The Palmira Desert (Desierto de Palmira) is a unique sandy landscape in the middle of the Ecuadorian Andes, and the one place where you can practice sandboarding on its vast albeit rather small dunes. This very small desert is a hidden gem still relatively undiscovered even by the locals. Recently…


Sandboarding in Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the greenest countries and tropical heavens of South America, but it still makes for a great sandboarding destination. Even though it does not have any real desert, the Lomas de Arena ("sand hills") near Santa Cruz are a very popular tourist destination where this activity can…


Sandboarding in Paracas (Peru)

The Paracas Peninsula is a desert peninsula located 200 km south of Lima in Peru. With an area of 450 square kilometers, it hosts numerous sand dunes, lagoons and natural oases in the Peruvian California desert. It is one of the best places to go sandboarding in the country, second…


Sandboarding in Colombia

The Taroa Dunes are the perfect spot for sandboarding in Colombia. The locals are only now starting to discover the amazing adventure sports opportunities its main desert, in the peninsula of La Guajira, has to offer. The vast dunes run directly into the Caribbean Sea, offering spectacular landscape for breathtaking…


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