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If you’re looking for free hot springs i Palm Springs areal, you’re in luck!

While many hot springs in the region require paid access, there are a few natural ones that you can enjoy without spending a dime.

Uden videre, here’s where you can find the best FREE natural hot springs near Palm Springs:

Whitmore Hot Springs Pools

Imagine a place tucked away in the heart of nature, where the only sounds you hear are the rustling of leaves and the gentle bubbling of warm water.

That’s Whitmore Hot Springs Pools for you! It’s hidden within the Inyo National Forest, just a stone’s throw from Mammoth Lakes. This place is like a secret garden, far from the noise and rush of city life.

Her, you can kick back and relax in warm waters that are full of minerals. Og den bedste del? Getting there is a breeze! Just a short walk up a small hill, and you’re there.

As you walk, you’ll be surrounded by tall trees and you can breathe in the fresh mountain air. It’s like a mini adventure!

  • Where: Located within the Inyo National Forest, not far from Mammoth Lakes.
  • Hvad kan man forvente: These springs are a well-kept secret, away from the hustle and bustle. Picture a serene spot where you can dip your toes into warm, mineral-rich waters.
  • Hvordan man kommer dertil: A short 100-foot walk up a gentle hill leads you to these soothing pools. The journey itself is part of the adventure, surrounded by towering trees and fresh mountain air.

Wild Willy’s Hot Springs

Next up, we have Wild Willy’s Hot Springs. This place is just outside Mammoth Lakes, and it’s one of a kind!

Forestil dig dette: you’re soaking in a hot spring pool that’s shaped like a heart, with a stunning view of the Sierra Nevadas and the Glass Mountain Range.

The water is just right, not too hot, not too cold, at a comfy 95 grader. And getting there is as easy as pie. There’s a flat wooden boardwalk that leads right to it, and it only takes about 10 minutes to walk. It’s like a short stroll in the park!

  • Where: Located just outside Mammoth Lakes.
  • Hvad kan man forvente: Wild Willy’s Hot Springs is one of the more unique hot springs. The larger of the two pools is naturally heart-shaped, with views of the Sierra Nevadas and the Glass Mountain Range, and reaches 95 grader.
  • Hvordan man kommer dertil: To access Wild Willy’s there is a flat, wooden boardwalk that takes about 10 minutter.

Jordan Hot Springs

Sidst men ikke mindst, we have Jordan Hot Springs. This place is a bit of a hidden gem, located in the Golden Trout Wilderness along the Kern river. It’s not just one, men 14 different pools!

Each one is a little different, with temperatures ranging from a warm 94 degrees to a hot 120 grader.

But here’s the catch: getting there is a bit of a trek. It’s a 6-mile hike that goes up 3,000 fødder. It might sound tough, but trust me, the view at the top is worth every step!

Husk, these places are all part of nature, so let’s keep them clean and beautiful. Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, and kill nothing but time. Enjoy your visit!

Where: Located in the Golden Trout Wilderness along the Kern river.

Hvad kan man forvente: Jordan Hot Springs is made up of 14 separate pools. The temperature ranges from 94 degrees to 120 grader.

Hvordan man kommer dertil: The 6-mile hike ascends 3,000 feet and can be rigorous.

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