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Walking in the desert is not an easy task, neither physically nor mentally.

Your feet sink into the sand and, even though it’s only just dawn, the sun is stronger than ever and the heat unbearable.

The monotony of the landscape, the blinding light that surrounds you and the calm horizons that sway endlessly make you want to keep going, to keep both your feet and your mind set on exploring that endless expanse of nothingness.

And the more you walk, the more you feel the pull to keep going. You have the perception of being very close to something that goes beyond the common experience, it is a “beyond” that you can hardly explain in words.

Your senses are over-reactive: you have the impression that you can see everything, that you can hear every single beat of your heart in the echo of silence. And you feel alive.

barefoot in the desert

Walking in the desert is difficult, but rewarding

Going on a desert walk is a hard and tedious task because every step you take on the sand doesn’t find a solid footing, and going uphill on a dune takes much longer than it feels because your foot sinks every time you try to take a step.

And yet there are not many experiences in the world more rewarding than traveling through the desert, climbing a mountain of sand, challenging a landscape as spectacular as it is hostile: the desert is immense, majestic, it gives a deep sense of freedom.

The horizon is lost and if you just move a couple of dunes away from the group you really feel alone. And it’s not scary, from that wonderful vertigo that the human being feels looking at an abyss.

Benefits for the body and mind

Walking on desert sand allows you to tone all your muscles. With every step you take, in fact, you sink into the sand: the extra physical effort required to lift your foot out of the sand strengthens the muscles, joints and tendons of your feet and ankles. Your desert walk is an excellent full-body workout.

The effort of trekking on sand dunes also requires a much greater amount of energy, burning more calories, while you risk losing a lot of fluids due to the heat: remember to have enough snacks and plenty of water with you, and to regularly apply a strong protective cream against the sun’s rays.

Make sure to take breaks and refresh yourself every once in a while, because your walk can be draining, but rest assured that once you bring it to full capacity, you’ll feel reborn.

There is no feeling in the world quite like that of having just “conquered” the desert with nothing but your legs and feet.

Walk in the Desert
Walking in the desert.

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