France - North Opale coast


Been a cycliste for decades, I am also a fatbiker. I pedal in the sand dunes on the french north seashore. That area is called "Côte d'Opale" AKA Opale Coast.

Less than one year ago, I discovered sandboarding by watching a video of Jose Martinez in Chile - Iquique. Knowing that I have lots of dunes in my area, I just wanted to try this new sport !

I have been riding longskate during 12 years when I was younger, and I am really missing puting my feet on a deck. Sandboard is the best way to be back in business for me.

Some pics about my home spots in attached files.

I am also starting mountainboard. Wing mountainboarding and also downhill-freeride. My dream would be to also make sure wing sandboarding is something possible. Not Kite, wing !

I am awaiting two sandboard decks from AIA Sandboards made by Martim in Florianopolis Brazil. One Rocket Directional, the other one is a Rocket Twin-tip. Bindings will be snowboard training bindings from Switch in Poland.

When boards will be built and completed, I will add more pics and also post about my skills progression.

Really happy to find a sandboard forum !



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Hi there and welcome! The forum is still new but hopefully we will have more joiners soon 😉

Please do keep us updated on your progress and let me know if you find more sandboarding spots in France, I will add them to the map


Here is a short list of spots :

  • Somme - Saint Quentin en Tourmont : at the end of sentier du bout du monde

  • Somme - Fort Mahon : when you are on the beach facing the town with the sea in your back, walk a hundred meters to the left

  • Pas de Calais - Berck : When parked at the phare south of the town, walk along the seashore and you'll find your paradise

  • Pas de Calais - on the seashore between Berck to the south until Stella Plage to the north, dunes everywhere
  • Pas de Calais - Ambleteuse : Search for Dunes de la Slack. When parked close to the stone military WW2 fort, walk to the south following the seashore on the beach.

I also heard there are some good dunes on the belgian side. But I have never been exploring for the moment. has reacted to this post.

Thank you so much man! I will add them to the list.


I was unlucky during my first session one month and a half ago. I practiced during two hours and was unable to correctly direct my board. So I was just sliding down the dune and falling like a shit.

I have been lucky to virtually meet another french rider on Instagram who competed to the sandboard world championship a few years ago. He gave me lots of precious tips :

  • all your weight on the back foot, never ever put weight on the front foot !!
  • never plant the deck edge rails in the sand, always direct in sliding mode, never carve with the edges !

The lockdown is now over where I live. And after a three weeks period of rain, the sand was dry and loose. So I took my Aia Rocket twin tip to Berck on Opale Coast 20 kms far from my house on last saturday.

I spent a full morning practicing and did not fall one time ! My level is really a newbie one, but I now manage to ride down the dune without falling in straight lines. And also I can do powerslides on heelside. Toe side is still harder for me, I naturally put my weight on the front foot when riding toe side, so it makes me doing an unwanted 180°.

So after my second session, I can litterally claim, I am addicted !!!!!! has reacted to this post.