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Grassboarding is a sport that consists in sliding down on grass hills and lawns, which some may describe as snowboarding on grass.

While it is sometimes confused with mountainboarding, grass boarding uses a concave board with no wheels, making it more similar to sandboarding.

Another version of grass boarding is a variant of flatline skimboarding in which a skimboard is used to slide down a small stream of water (often artificial) on a patch of grass.

History of Grassboarding

The sport of grassboarding was officially invented in Costa Rica back in 1990 by brothers Omer and Eduardo Villalobos Villar, who tested the resistance of different types of boards they especially manufactured to slide on grassy slopes.

The two patented the best performing board with the name of “monoslider on grass” and started producing it in small scale making the sport somewhat popular in Costa Rica, and even receiving orders from France.


Video: Grassboarding in Costa Rica

Below, an article on grassboarding from Venezuelan journal “Dominican Magazine” dating 1997:

Snowboarding on grass!

Snowboarding on Grass (Grassboarding)

Néfer Muñoz
Dominical Magazine

A pair of restless brothers have invented a new sport in Costa Rica: grassboarding.

At the top, the void opens, green and sudden. One Two Three! and everything rushes: the wind shatters in the face, the skin gets cold and the panorama is an accelerated blur of colors.

This is the feeling that many have already experienced in the mountains. It is an unusual sport, designed and born at grass level.

Its managers have called it grassboarding.

The idea is very clear: take the laws of balance and unleash them down the slope.

If it were a sports family, grassboarding would be the younger brother of skateboarding and surfing, albeit with a genetic difference: sliding is done descending slopes and grasslands. In addition, it has a non-identical twin, snowboarding, which is practiced on steep slopes with snow.

The interest that grassboarding has generated is probably due to the fact that it is filling a youth need: it is a new and attractive alternative for those who want to surf but cannot travel to the beach and, in addition, live in high areas.

The inventiveness of this recent activity has the mark of a 22-year-old student, Omer Villalobos.

“When I was little, a lot of kids would slide down a grassy slope sitting on cardboard. That’s what gave me the idea to make the grassboarding board,” says Omer, who is willing to provide more details at 227-6831. .

Out below!

Ever since the young Villalobos set out to create the slide board in 1990, he had a volunteer helper, his own younger brother.

Eduardo was the one who tested the resistance of the boards that Omer manufactured in the improvised laboratory that he set up in the back room of his house.

So while Omer, a chemical engineering and architecture student, mixed substances and resins to make the ideal board, it was Eduardo who let himself come from the tops to test the prototypes.

“The first boards broke; later, the others were very rigid or very flexible,” explains Eduardo, 15 years old.

The ideal table was ready last year and then they decided to patent it with the curious name of “monoslider on grass” and thus it would be registered in the National Registry, since they are in the last steps of the patent. The board is made of fiberglass and various substances imported from Denmark that they prefer to keep secret.

So far they have manufactured about 60 units and their demand has grown to the point that they are already considering the possibility of forming a company to export them.

They have an order from France for 70 boards and the Villalobos brothers are drawing up an organizational plan to make grassboarding known internationally.

The acceptance has been such that they recently founded a school and now every weekend they go on tours to teach their dizzying sport.

Omer and Eduardo even created a logo for grassboarding and are spreading it on t-shirts and sportswear.


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