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The Busan Sand Festival 2024 is set to captivate visitors from May 24 to 27 at Haeundae Beach in Busan, South Korea.

This annual event, known for transforming the beach into a mesmerizing gallery of sand sculptures, promises a unique experience for attendees.

Under the theme of “Grand Museum of Sand Artifacts“, this year’s festival will showcase the talent of 12 sand artists from the U.S., Canada, China, and Korea.

The 2024 edition of Haeundae Sand Festival will take place from May 24th to May 27th in Busan, South Korea

Those who will join the celebration can expect to witness intricate and awe-inspiring sand sculptures that showcase a blend of creativity and skill.

The event will not only feature these remarkable sand artworks but also offer a crafts market and various engaging activities for attendees to enjoy.

Visitors to the festival can expect to find a variety of sand-themed sport and fun recreational activities, such as sand sledding, beach volleyball, marathons and hot sand baths take place during Heundae Sand Festival.

These activities provide an opportunity for attendees to engage with the sand in a more interactive and playful manner.

The highlight of the festival, however, is the beautiful sand sculptures that are created by master sculptors from all over the world.

These intricate and imaginative works of art are a must-see for anyone visiting the festival and a great opportunity to admire the artistry and creativity of the local sculptors.

For those unable to attend during the festival dates, the sand sculptures will remain on display until June 6, allowing more people to appreciate the artistry showcased at the event.

Sand Sculpture at Sundae Sand Festival
Sand Sculpture at Sundae Sand Festival

Hauendae Sand Festival
Haeundae Beach, May 24-27, 2024

The timetable, translated from Korean:

ConceptProgramOperating TimeContents
Boom upGrand Cantata5.24.(Fri) 19:00~20:30– Opening ceremony interacting with the audience on a special stage set up on the sand – Acapella opening performance, drawing show opening performance, Ulala Session performance, fireworks show
DJ Dancing Party5.25.(Sat) 19:00~21:00– Exciting Saturday, special performance that encompasses all generations – Acoustic band, EDM dance party, DJing party
Dancing Museum5.24.(Fri)~5.26.(Sun) 13:00/15:00/17:00– 4 famous works’ characters in art makeup costumes – Every 15 minutes, welcome performance at the event square
AMAZING MUSEUMWorld Sand Sculpture Exhibition5.24.(Fri)~6.9.(Sun)– Invited 9 foreign artists, 3 domestic artists, total of 20 sand works produced – Expression of world famous museums and art works in sand sculpture
Sand Observatory5.24.(Fri)~5.27.(Mon) 10:00~21:00– Large sand observatory with a width of 30m, depth of 5m, height of 7m – An exotic experience where you can walk on the sand work and view the sea
AR (Augmented Reality) Adventure5.24.(Fri)~6.9.(Sun)– Online mission QR code posted in various places of the venue – Provide goods when the mission is successful by following the story, solving quizzes, watching videos, catching, etc.
Media Facade Exhibition5.24.(Fri)~5.26.(Sun) 20:00~22:00– Three-dimensional video mapping on the main sand sculpture – The door of the museum opens and famous art works are screened
FUNNY MUSEUMSpeed Sand Sculpture Competition5.25.(Sat)~5.26.(Sun) 14:00– Real-time sand sculpture competition matching sand sculptor + general citizen – Tournament style, prizes for participants
Challenge! I’m also a Sand Sculptor5.24.(Fri)~5.26.(Sun) 11:00/16:30– Sand sculpture making experience together with family, friends, lovers (participation fee 10,000 won, pre-registration) – Production of works with sand artist and photo shooting, souvenir provided
Fly! Sandboard5.24.(Fri)~5.27.(Mon) 10:00~18:00– Thrilling sand surfing unfolding from a 10m high sand dune – Wearing sandboard and helmet safety equipment, safety personnel deployed
Treasure Hunt5.24.(Fri)~5.26.(Sun) 3 times (guerrilla)– Event-like treasure hunt at a certain time in the venue (3 times a day) – Provide prizes to visitors who find the lucky sticker within 30 minutes
Fighting! Sports Day5.24.(Fri)~5.26.(Sun) 13:00/15:00/17:00– Random sports day held 3 times a day – Beach ball race, sandbag throwing, sand snatching game – Prizes provided to all winners and participants
Children’s Sand Museum5.24.(Fri)~5.27.(Mon) 10:00~18:00– Operation of various children’s experience program booth zones such as upcycling, sand sculpture, craft glass, etc.
FANTASIA MUSEUMRandom Play Dance5.25.(Sat)~5.26.(Sun) 13:00~15:00– K-POP war unfolding in Gunam-ro – Exciting music, anyone can participate under the colorful lights
Global Dance Street5.25.(Sat)~5.26.(Sun) Sat 18:00/Sun 19:00– Dance team competition that can fill a large stage – Total prize money of 7 million won, preliminary on Saturday, main competition on Sunday
Sand Oasis5.24.(Fri)~5.27.(Mon) 10:00~21:00– Creation of an exotic emotional resting place in the beach (2 places) – Safe rest possible with operation of children’s playground next to the resting place
Flea Market5.24.(Fri)~5.26(Sun)– Sale of handmade products, operation of Gunam-ro flea market

Sandboarding in Asia

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