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Vulkansko surfanje, također poznat kao ash boarding ili volcano boarding, je sigurno jedan od najluđih ekstremnih sportova, which only few lucky people can experience on a handful of locations worldwide.

This sports consists of gliding down a slope of hardened lava which was formed by a recent eruption on an active volcano, using a board similar to a sandboard (a snowboard meant for sand dunes).

The most popular location for volcano surfing is Cerro Negro in León, Nikaragva. But there are suitable slopes on active volcanos in Gvatemala, Indonezija, Vanuatu, pa čak i Italija.

Rečeno je, only in Nicaragua this activity is popular enough that there are multiple tour operators offering volcano boarding tours on a regular basis.

Vulkansko surfanje u Cerro Negru, Nikaragva
Vulkansko surfanje u Cerro Negru, Nikaragva

How Safe is Volcano Boarding?

Generally speaking, volcano surfing is safe as far as extreme sports go. Those who practice volcano boarding are equipped with safety gear and even in the case of a fall, may experience a few bruises but no major injuries.

Zapravo, there has not been a single recorded death from volcano boarding as of today, iako the much more popular “parent” sport of sandboarding has recorded a few casualties.

Rečeno je, volcano boarding is not risk-free. Compared to both snow and sand, volcanic soil and debris hits much harder and falling from your board while volcano surfing will inevitably hurt.

Jer volcano surfing can be a dangerous activity, it is important to follow all safety guidelines and to wear protective gear, such as a helmet and gloves, to reduce the risk of injury

Safety Rules

The best way to stay safe when practicing volcano surfing is to join a reputable tour and strictly follow instructions and safety tips from your guide. This will be easier if you are in a popular volcano boarding destination like Cerro Negro, where you will also be provided with some safety gear and equipment.

Before you slide down the volcano, make sure to follow all of these steps:

  • Check local weather warnings and volcanic activity levels. Postpone volcano boarding if an eruption is due.
  • When hiking up the volcano, make sure the slope you picked is free from vegetation, big rocks and obstacles that may impact your ride.
  • Cover yourself head to toe. In León, the popular Bigfoot Hostel offers jumpsuits for their volcano boarding tours. Alternativno, wear multiple layers of long sleeve clothes, socks and tennis shoes.
  • Wear dust-proof goggles and thick gloves.
  • Always use a wooden or metal board to slide downhill. Avoid using cardboard, plastic boards or other unsuitable items.
  • Make sure your health insurance covers volcano boarding accidents.
  • Make sure to have first aid available. Ask your tour operator about it and/or bring your own.
  • Pack some sunscreen and plenty of water.

By following these rules and guidelines, you can minimize risks and help ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you when volcano boarding.

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