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The El Cosmico campsite in Texas is soon to undergo an impressive transformation, set to become the world’s first 3D printed hotel.

The current ‘nomadic’ hotel and desert glamping site, where guests stay in trailers, tepees, and safari tents, will be redesigned by ICON, a firm that has a contract with NASA to construct buildings on other celestial bodies.

In collaboration with architecture company BIG, ICON plans to create around 100 structures that will blend seamlessly into the surrounding desert landscape.

These structures will be coloured to match the sandy terrain, giving the impression that they are “literally erected from the site it stands on.”

Fenntartható 3D-nyomtatott tokok az El Cosmicóban
El Cosmico is to Become World’s First 3D Printed Hotel

The bohemian atmosphere of the site, which appeals to “adventurers and wanderers,” will remain intact.

The new structures will feature entirely new architectural approaches made possible by large-scale 3D printing, including domes, ívek, vaults, and parabolic forms. Some of the pods will be constructed out of organic material and will have up to four bedrooms.

According to hotelier Liz Lambert, who has had a vision for the evolution of El Cosmico for many years, the expanded site will showcase “medence, a hammam, and more space for art and skills-building workshops” to enhance the experience for guests and locals alike.

El Cosmico 3D-printed Homes in Marfa, TX with Liz Lambert | Bjarke Ingels Group | ICON

The use of 3D printing technology that combines the oldest principles of raw earth-based building with a futuristic technology is expected to bring about sustainability, sebesség, and efficiency in the construction process.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024, and bookings for the new structures will open this summer. 3D printing technology has come a long way since its inception in the 1980s, and it can now be used to create intricate and complex structures, including homes.

The El Cosmico project is poised to showcase the vast potential of 3D printing in the construction industry, bringing together innovative technology and a harmonious connection to the surrounding natural environment.

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