Last Updated on September 29, 2023

What do you get when you combine power kiting with mountain boards?

Kite landboarding, the challenging sport that uses energy from the wind to make you fly on any kind of terrain.

It takes many names and variants according to where it’s practiced – think of sand kiting or grassboarding.

No matter where you practice it, the essentials are always the same: a board, a kite, and an adventurous spirit!

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Kitesurfing on sand
Kiteboarding on Claggan Beach, Erris. Photo courtesy of Comhar.

What do you need

  • Landboard (or mountainboard)
  • Kite
  • Harness

The landboard

Mountainboards that are especially suited for landboarding are informally called “landboards”.

Most All-Terrain Boarding (ATB) mountainboards are suitable. These boards are similar to skateboards but are thicker and heavier, and they come with foot bindings and wide trucks.

Different models can be two- or four- wheeled, it does not make much of a difference for kite landboarding – but if you are kiting on sand, it’s best to install big, lightweight wheels to minimize friction.

Best mountainboard for kiting

MBS Core 94

Lightweight board that will perform greatly on any terrain, from grass to dirt.

It’s good value for money, has strong bindings and makes an overall great kiting landboard.

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The Kite

The best types of kite for landboarding are depowerable.

A depower kite will allow you to attach a depower control bar to adjust the power of the kite as you are riding it.

Pull the bar towards you to increase power, push it away to increase speed.

Best kite for landboarding

Ocean Rodeo Flite Kitesurfing Kite

This is a pricey kite but you won’t find anything else like it performance-wise.

It’s extremely lightweight and rides well on light wind conditions.

The bridle system allows you to turn this into a depower kite by attaching a control bar.

If you are a real kiting enthusiast it is well worth the money!

[Check Price] [Control Bar] [Ocean Rodeo Store]

Where to practice kite landboarding

There are no specific sites dedicated to kiting on land, and it’s the boarder responsibility to assess whether a location is suitable for practicing this sport. The “SHOE” rule of landboarding applies:

  • Surface – Is the terrain suitable for landboarding? Sand or grass are generally safe terrains to landboard on.
  • Hazards – Are you in a big open space away from downwind hazards?
  • Other People – Are you on a quiet beach or field? Give other site users space and keep them safe.
  • Environment – How windy is it? How does the tide affect you? Are you using the correct equipment?

Landboarding is commonly practiced in parks, sports fields, farm terrains, school yards, hard-packed sandy beaches and dry lake beds.

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