Last Updated on January 5, 2023

China Three Gorges (CTG) has begun work on a massive desert energy mega-project in Inner Mongolia’s Kubuqi Desert on Thursday.

The Kubuqi Base Project, with an estimated cost of 80bn yuan ($11.6bn), is the largest renewable energy project of its kind currently underway globally. CTG announced the start of construction at the first pilot project in the final days of 2022.

Desert Wind power photovoltaic systems
China Three Gorges’ Kubuqi Base Project is the world’s largest desert-based renewable energy project

World’s Largest Desert-Based Renewable Project

The project will include wind, solar, and energy storage on a massive scale to help China meet its ambitious renewable energy goals. The project will ultimately feature 8GW of solar capacity, 4GW of wind turbines, and 4GW of coal capacity, bloomberg reports.

Wind power photovoltaic systems, also known as hybrid wind and solar systems, are renewable energy systems that combine wind turbines and photovoltaic panels to generate electricity.

The facility is set to become the world’s largest renewable project in a desert region, and will be able to transmit 40 billion kWh of electricity to Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei province annually, with more than half of this power being clean energy.

The current construction phase includes 1GW of solar capacity equipped with energy storage. CTG also announced that it will enter 2023 with 27 new projects underway, totaling 19.6GW of clean energy capacity.

A visit to China’s largest solar energy base in desert. Source: CGTN

China’s Renewable Energy Goals

China has set ambitious goals for expanding its renewable energy base, which is already one of the largest in the world. The country aims to roughly double its renewable energy capacity to include 1,200GW of wind and solar by year 2030.

This push towards renewable energy is part of a larger effort to reduce the country’s reliance on coal and other fossil fuels, and to reduce carbon emissions in an effort to combat climate change.

The Kubuqi Base Project is a significant step towards achieving these goals and will play a key role in helping China transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

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