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Planuoja pasiimti savo dykumos dviratis į kopas? Vyksta a kelionė bekele į dykumą? Įsitikinkite, kad jums dėvėkite tinkamas akių apsaugos priemones nuo smėlio audros ir dulkių.

The geriausi dykumos akiniai yra atsparūs dulkėms ir turi UV400 tamsių spalvų lęšius, apsaugo nuo pavojingų UV spindulių ir nuo ekstremalių oro sąlygų – ypač smėlio ir stipraus vėjo.

Įsitikinkite, kad pasirinkote tinkamus akinius dykumos ištvermės pasiruošimas.

Geriausia dykumos objektyvo spalva

Kai važiuojate karštoje dykumos saulėje, pageidautina pasirinkti pilkos spalvos lęšius. Tamsios spalvos lęšiai sumažins ryškumą ir akinimą bei sumažins smėlio aklumo tikimybę, sniego aklumo atitikmuo dykumoje.

Prisiminti, kad smėlis atspindi saulės spindulius o dykumoje yra mažai augmenijos, todėl nėra šešėlio, važinėdami daug valandų, kai esate veikiami UV spindulių, galite pažeisti akis taip pat jūsų odai.

When it comes to desert riding, don’t underestimate the significance of protecting your eyes from the relentless desert sun. UV400 apsauginiai lęšiai išsifiltruos 99% UV spindulių, apsaugoti akis nuo saulės nudegimo. Choose goggles with gray-tinted lenses and UV400 protection to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey through the arid landscapes.

Desert Goggles

When riding in the desert, it’s important to choose high-quality sand goggles that can protect your eyes from the harsh conditions of the desert environment, including sunlight, wind and dust.
When it comes to finding the perfect goggles for tackling sandy dunes, you need to consider a few key features:

First up, polarized lenses. These babies work wonders in cutting down glare and enhancing visibility in those blindingly bright, sun-drenched conditions. Think of them as your personal sun guardians, shielding your eyes from the harsh desert rays.

Speaking of protection, UV is no joke. Ensure your goggles offer nothing short of 100% UVA and UVB ray-blocking lenses. Your peepers deserve the best defense against the sun’s harmful effects, no compromises.

Dabar, let’s talk durability. The desert is no playground for the faint-hearted, and neither should be your goggles. Seek out those constructed from tough, rugged materials capable of withstanding the scorching heat and unforgiving winds. Trust us, you don’t want your eyewear to crumble under the pressure.

Fogging? Yeah, it’s a nuisance, especially in the desert’s bone-dry, sweltering atmosphere. Don’t let fog blur your vision. Look for goggles that boast excellent ventilation. With proper airflow, you can keep the fog at bay, ensuring a clear view of the magnificent dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Last but not least, comfort is key. Riding on sand dunes is no smooth ride—it’s a thrilling, jolting adventure. You need goggles that snugly fit your face, providing a secure and comfortable hold. After all, you don’t want your eyewear flying off mid-jump.

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Geriausi dykumos akiniai

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DCLINA motociklo šalmo akiniai
Geriausi senoviniai akiniai

Bertoni senoviniai motociklo akiniai
Geriausi biudžetiniai akiniai

„Bikershades“ motociklas

DCLINA motociklo šalmo akiniai

If you’re on the hunt for the best goggles to conquer those sandy dunes, look no further than the DCLINA Motorcycle Helmet Goggles. These goggles offer an unbeatable combination of features designed to enhance your desert riding experience.

One of the standout features is the clear vision and wind/dust-proof construction. Thanks to the high-quality PC material lenses, you’ll enjoy a crystal-clear vision while keeping the bothersome elements at bay. With UV400 protection, your eyes will stay shielded from harmful sun rays, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride.

Durability is key when it comes to goggles, and the DCLINA goggles deliver. The scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant lenses are built to withstand the harshest conditions. Added layers of coating protect against scratches, while the strong and flexible frame material ensures resistance against impacts.

Comfort is not compromised either. The super-soft and adjustable fit of these goggles ensures a snug and comfortable experience throughout your desert adventure. The ECO-friendly sponge material added to the frames prevents friction on your forehead, keeping discomfort at bay. The flexible strap allows for easy adjustments, ensuring a secure fit tailored to your preferences.

DCLINA motociklo šalmas, apsauginiai akiniai f

Bertoni senoviniai motociklo akiniai

For those seeking a touch of vintage flair to accompany their desert escapades, the Bertoni Vintage Motorcycle Goggles are a perfect choice. Known for their expertise in the sport-optic market, Bertoni brings a thirty-year legacy of craftsmanship and innovation to these goggles.

The appeal of these goggles lies not only in their aesthetics but also in their exceptional comfort and advanced features. The matte black leather frame with orange stitching exudes a classic charm that pairs perfectly with Harley Davidsons and choppers. But don’t let the vintage look fool you – these goggles are equipped with the latest technical discoveries for lenses and materials.

The smoked lenses, made from polycarbonate with a 2.4mm anticrash feature, offer optimal protection and visual clarity. Su 100% UV apsauga, you can ride confidently, knowing your eyes are shielded from harmful rays. The wide peripheral vision ensures you don’t miss any of the breathtaking desert landscapes that unfold before you.

To combat misting, the Bertoni Vintage Motorcycle Goggles are equipped with anti-misting aerators at the top and bottom of the frames. This thoughtful design allows for adequate airflow, keeping your vision clear even during intense rides.

Comfort is prioritized with an adjustable and elastic strap that ensures a close fit with any open-face helmet. The goggles are designed to stay securely in place, providing a comfortable riding experience without compromising style or safety.

Bertoni senoviniai motociklo akiniai

„Bikershades“ motociklas

Bikershades Motorcycle Riding Over goggles are designed for riders who wear glasses and seek style, apsauga, and performance during desert riding. These seamless goggles comfortably fit glasses up to 5 3/4 inches wide and 2 inches tall, ensuring a hassle-free experience on sand dunes.

Built for durability and protection, the polycarbonate frame and lenses withstand tough conditions, offering impact resistance. The polarized coating enhances clarity, reduces glare, and provides optimal visibility in bright desert environments. Su 100% UV apsauga, your eyes stay shielded from harmful sun rays.

Comfort is a priority, as the memory flex frames and dual-layer foam construction deliver a secure and comfortable fit. Say goodbye to fogging issues, thanks to the vented frames that allow airflow, ensuring clear vision even in challenging desert conditions.

The adjustable elastic strap caters to various head sizes, ensuring a personalized and secure fit. These goggles stay in place throughout your desert adventures, providing the perfect companion for sand dunes.

How to Pick the Best Goggles for Riding on Sand Dunes

Garantuoti a saugus ir linksmas dykumos nuotykis, pasiimti porą dykumos akiniai, kurie yra atsparūs dulkėms ir turi UV400 tamsių spalvų lęšius. Tamsūs lęšiai sumažins ryškumą ir akinimą, tuo pačiu sumažindami tikimybę, kad bus aklumas smėlis.

When it comes to riding on sand dunes, the conditions can be even more challenging than typical desert terrain. The constant movement of sand and the added impact of high winds make it important to choose goggles specifically designed for sand dune riding.

Look for goggles that have a secure and comfortable fit to ensure they stay in place during the bumpy ride. Papildomai, it’s important to choose goggles that have a durable construction and are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of sand dunes, such as strong winds and abrasive sand.

Goggles that are specifically designed for sand dunes will provide the best protection and ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

Dykumos akiniai ypač reikalingi ekstremaliam sportui toks kaip jodinėjimas kopomis, dykumos motociklų lenktynės ir kopų banglenčių sportas, jei tiesiog pasivaikščiojate arba žygiai dykumoje, vis tiek turėsite apsaugoti akis pora UV400 saulės akiniai.

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