Pēdējo reizi atjaunināts decembrī 23, 2023

Tuksneša sacīkstes un maratoni ir galvenais izaicinājums skrējējiem saskaroties ar naidīgu vidi un ekstremāliem vides apstākļiem.

Slavenākās tuksneša sacensības neapšaubāmi ir Marathon des Sables Sahāras tuksnesī Marokā, bet šodien ir iespēja piedalīties tuksneša skrējienā vairākās pasaules valstīs.

Zemāk, saraksts ar gaidāmie tuksneša skrējieni un ultramaratoni:

Tuksneša skrējēji Marathon des Sables in 2010
Smilšu maratons 2010, Maroka.

Tuksneša maratoni visā pasaulē [2024-2025]


January 19th, 2024

Bigbendas nacionālais parks, Teksasa (ASV)


The Big Bend Ultra is a scenic and challenging race that takes place in the remote and beautiful Big Bend National Park, in the Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas.

The race offers four distances: 10K, 30K, 50K and 100K, all of them on dirt roads and trails, with stunning views of the Chisos Mountains, the Rio Grande River, and the Mexican border.

The Big Bend Ultra is a true desert adventure, with high temperatures, low humidity, and unpredictable weather. The elevation ranges from 1800 pēdas (550 m) uz 4800 pēdas (1460 m) virs jūras līmeņa, and the terrain is rugged, akmeņains, and sandy.

The race is also a fundraiser for the Big Bend Conservancy, a non-profit organization that supports the park’s natural and cultural resources.


28. janvāris, 2024 Pārsteigums, Arizona (ASV) https://arizonaroadracers.com/portfolio-item/https-runsignup-com-race-az-surprise-desertclassichalfmarathonand5k/

The Desert Classic Marathon is an Arizona Road Racers original. Pievienojieties tradīcijai! Maratons piedāvā skaistu trasi turp un atpakaļ un piedāvā skrējējiem iespaidīgas tuksneša ainavas.

The Desert Classic Marathon, Pusmaratons & 5K takes runners on a long, galvenokārt uzreiz uz ziemeļiem no Arizonas White Tank Mountain reģionālā parka, 30 000 akru parks, kas piepildīts ar nelīdzenu, akmeņains, kalnainā apvidū un kas atrodas uz rietumiem no Phoenix metro zonas.

Trase ir izklāta ar plašiem skatiem uz majestātisko kalnu ainavu visos virzienos, kā arī aizraušanās, skrienot cauri patiesam sausumam, tuksneša klimats.


February 3rd, 2024

Nāves ielejas nacionālais parks, Kalifornija (ASV)


The Death Valley Marathon is a unique and unforgettable race that takes place in the lowest and hottest place in North America, the Death Valley National Park.

The race features a relatively flat course (fewer than 500 feet of climbing and descending) on paved roads and trails, with amazing views of the surrounding desert and mountains.

The race offers three distances: 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon, all of them below sea level and with temperatures ranging from 30°F to 70°F.

The Death Valley Marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as it is limited to 300 participants and requires special permits from the park authorities.

The race is also a supporter of the Death Valley Natural History Association, a non-profit organization that promotes education, research and preservation of the park.


February 10th, 2024

Lanzarote, Kanāriju salas (Spānija)

The Sandman Extreme is a challenging and spectacular race that takes place on the volcanic island of Lanzarote, part of the Canary Islands archipelago.

The race offers four distances: 10K, 21K, 42K and 100K, all of them on sandy trails and dunes, with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the rugged landscape of the island.

The Sandman Extreme is not only a race, but also a unique experience of running in a desert-like environment, with the constant presence of the wind, the sun and the sand.


April 5th-15th, 2024

Sahāras tuksnesis, Maroka

The Marathon des Sables is the most famous and legendary desert race in the world. It is a grueling multi-stage adventure through a formidable landscape in one of the world’s most inhospitable climates – the Sahara desert. The rules require you to be self-sufficient, to carry with you on your back everything except water that you need to survive. You are given a place in a tent to sleep at night, but any other equipment and food must be carried.

The Marathon des Sables covers 250 km (156 jūdzes) in six stages over seven days. The longest stage is about 90 km (56 jūdzes) and the shortest is 10 km (6 jūdzes).

The terrain is varied, from hard-packed sand to soft dunes, from rocky plateaus to dry river beds, from salt flats to palm oases. The temperature can reach up to 50°C (122°F) during the day and drop to 5°C (41°F) naktī.

The Marathon des Sables is more than just a race, it is a journey of self-discovery, a test of mental and physical endurance, and a celebration of the human spirit.


April 20th-24th, 2024

Namibas tuksnesis, Namībija


The Namib Desert Challenge is a multi-stage race that covers 220 km (137 jūdzes) in five days, across the oldest desert in the world.

The race is a self-supported event, meaning that runners must carry all their equipment and food, except water and tents, which are provided by the organizers.

The Namib Desert Challenge is a spectacular and diverse race, with a variety of landscapes and terrains, such as sand dunes, salt pans, grants līdzenumi, river beds, and canyons.

The race also offers a unique opportunity to see the wildlife and flora of the desert, such as oryx, springbok, ostrich, zebra, and the famous welwitschia plant.

The Namib Desert Challenge is more than just a race, it is a journey through one of the most ancient and pristine environments on Earth.


July 24th, 2024

Sāls ezera pilsēta, Juta (ASV)

The Desert News Marathon is the longest-operating marathon in Utah. 2024 will be its 54th year that runners have been racing down the historic pioneer route into the Salt Lake Valley and through the Days of ’47 Parade.

The Desert News Marathon is a fast and downhill race, with a net elevation drop of 3200 pēdas (975 m) from start to finish.

The race starts at the top of Big Mountain, passes through Emigration Canyon, and follows the parade route along South Temple Street to the finish line at Liberty Park.

The Desert News Marathon is more than just a race, it is a celebration of the pioneer spirit and the state’s heritage.


September 7th, 2024

Petra, Jordānija

The Petra Desert Marathon is a unique and unforgettable experience, running through the ancient cave city of Petra and the arid, lunar-like landscapes of the Jordanian desert. Rich in history, culture and scenic nature, Jordan offers its visitors superb possibilities for an exciting Marathon adventure. Runners will start in the Street of Facades, following a route that passes tombs, caves, mountains and the impressive Monastery.

The Petra Desert Marathon is a challenging race, with hilly and rocky sections, as well as sand and gravel. The elevation gain is about 700 m (2300 pēdas) for the marathon and 350 m (1150 pēdas) for the half marathon. The weather can be hot and dry, with temperatures ranging from 20°C (68°F) to 35°C (95°F).

The Petra Desert Marathon is more than just a race, it is an opportunity to explore one of the world’s most amazing archaeological sites, and to experience the hospitality and culture of the Jordanian people.


October 6th-12th, 2024

Atakamas tuksnesis, Čīle


The Atacama Crossing is a 250 km (155 jūdze) self-supported footrace that takes place in the Atacama Desert of Chile, sausākā vieta uz planētas. The race is part of the 4 Deserts Race Series, which also includes races in the Sahara, Gobi, and Antarctic deserts.

The Atacama Crossing is a tough and rewarding race, with a variety of terrains and altitudes, such as sand dunes, salt flats, kanjoni, ielejas, and volcanoes. The race also offers a rich cultural experience, as runners pass through local villages and ancient ruins, and interact with the indigenous people of the desert.

The Atacama Crossing is more than just a race, it is a challenge of endurance, resilience, and camaraderie.

Past races:


December 2nd, 2023
Bītija, Nevada (ASV)

Šī ainaviskā tuksneša taku trase atrodas pa grants džipu ceļu no Bītijas, NV caur gleznaino Titus kanjonu, finišēja Nāves ielejā (viss skrējiens ir Nāves ielejas nacionālajā parkā).

Tuksnesis ir skaists šajā gadalaikā ar maigu temperatūru; minimums naktī starp 30 un 40 grādi un maksimumi dienas laikā no zemajiem-60s līdz vidum-70s.

Šis ir mūsu gada iespaidīgākais taku notikums, un tas ir nedēļas nogales izbraukuma vērts. Patiesi, pieredze, kuru jūs neaizmirsīsit.

Badwater 135

jūlijā 4-6, 2023

Badwater Basin, Nāves ieleja, CA (ASV)


Covering 135 jūdzes (217km) non-stop from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA, the Badwater® 135 is the most demanding and extreme running race offered anywhere on the planet, as well as the 135-Mile World Championship. The start line is at Badwater Basin, Nāves ieleja, which marks the lowest elevation in North America at 280’ (85m) below sea level.

The race finishes at Whitney Portal at 8,300’ (2530m), which is the trailhead to the Mt. Whitney summit, the highest point in the contiguous United States.** The Badwater 135 course covers three mountain ranges for a total of 14,600’ (4450m) of cumulative vertical ascent and 6,100’ (1859m) of cumulative descent.

Competitors travel through places or landmarks with names like Mushroom Rock, Furnace Creek, Salt Creek, Devil’s Cornfield, Devil’s Golf Course, Stovepipe Wells, Panamint Springs, Darwin, Keeler, Vientuļā priede, Alabamas kalni, and the Sierra Nevada.


December 16th, 2022

Eilat, Izraēla


The Desert Marathon in Eilat: Skaistākais un mežonīgākais maršruts Izraēlā!

Join a race that begins in the desert and ends on the Red Sea shore.

Maršruts vedīs pārgājienā pa kalniem, kas ieskauj Eilatas pilsētu ar skaistajām smilšu nokrāsām, and breathtaking views to boost runners’ energy.

Come and take part in a huge festival of running in Israel!


28. janvāris, 2023
Pārsteigums, Arizona (ASV)

The Tuksneša klasiskais maratons ir Arizona Road Racers oriģināls. Pievienojieties tradīcijai! Maratons piedāvā skaistu trasi turp un atpakaļ un piedāvā skrējējiem iespaidīgas tuksneša ainavas.

The Tuksneša klasiskais maratons, Pusmaratons & 5K ņem skrējējus ilgu laiku, galvenokārt uzreiz uz ziemeļiem no Arizonas White Tank Mountain reģionālā parka, 30 000 akru parks, kas piepildīts ar nelīdzenu, akmeņains, kalnainā apvidū un kas atrodas uz rietumiem no Phoenix metro zonas.

Trase ir izklāta ar plašiem skatiem uz majestātisko kalnu ainavu visos virzienos, kā arī aizraušanās, skrienot cauri patiesam sausumam, tuksneša klimats.


January 21st – January 24th, 2023

Bidiyah, Omāna


The 8th edition of the Oman Desert Marathon, a 165 km four-stage desert self-sufficient race will be held in the Sultanate of Oman, confirms January 21st to 24th 2023 dates.

With an average high temperature of 25 degrees during the day, and an average low temperature of 17.3°C at night, January offers to the participants of the Oman Desert Marathon the perfect conditions to enjoy the race to the fullest.


February 3rd, 2023

Ein Bokek, Izraēla


Israel’s Dead Sea Marathon is a fast race around the shores of the southern Dead Sea up to 21 km on the dike.

The highlight of the race is a run towards the sea on the border embankment of the Dead Sea Works that surrounds the southern part of the Dead Sea.

Only once a year due the security forces permit use of the dikes for sporting purposes and this gives the runners the opportunity to discover breathtaking views that have so far been observed by employees of the Dead Sea factories or security personnel.

The dike serves as the border area between the Israeli Dead Sea and the Jordanian Dead Sea and serves as a barrier without a fence between the two countries that maintain a common and peaceful daily routine.

The route mostly takes place on a dense and flat graveled area and will be secured by the security forces and the army.

The race takes place with the assistance and support of the Israel Chemicals Company, the Dead Sea Drainage Authority and the Government of the Dead Sea Protection Company.


February 12th, 2023

Palmu tuksnesis, Kalifornija (ASV)

The Palm Desert 1/2 Marathon & 5K returns to the heart of the desert on Sunday, februāris 12, 2023! Race the Coachella Valley’s original half marathon, or run/walk our flat, fast 5K course. Kids four to 13 can run our 1K kids run. 1/2 marathon & 5K participants receive an official race t-shirt, finisher medal, timing and post-race food. Kids run participants receive a finisher medal and post-race food. This year will be bigger than ever, so register today and join in on the fun!


February 25th, 2023

Comstock, Teksasa (ASV)

​Come run through the second largest desert in North America. Seminole Canyon State Park is a prehistoric area dating back 10,000 gadiem. This is where Indigenous people left cave art as evidence of their presence tucked into the weather-beaten Čivavas tuksnesis.

Experience the unique desert wildlife and flora. Be awe-inspired by the incredible views of where the Seminole Canyon meets the Rio Grande River. View from a distance, cave art as you traverse this loop course over technical single-track trail and backcountry jeep roads.

This is a bucket list event that you don’t want to miss. 


28. februāris, 2023
Tindouf, Alžīrija


The Sahāras maratons ir starptautisks sporta pasākums apliecināt solidaritāti ar Sahāras tautu un šogad svin savu divpadsmito reizi.

To organizē sporta valsts sekretārs, Government of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic with the help of volunteers from all over the world. 

For the promotion and coordination of participants from other countries, organizācija sadarbojas arī ar Marie Frison no Francijas, Volfgangs Hofmans no Vācijas, Odvars Rostens no Norvēģijas un Daniela Smita no Anglijas.

The Sahara Marathon, kurā līdzās standarta distances maratonam ir iekļautas arī īsākas 21km distances, 10km, 5km un bērnu skrējiens, mērķis ir veicināt sporta aktivitāti Sahāras jauno vīriešu un sieviešu vidū un finansēt un attīstīt humānās palīdzības programmas.

Bet arī grib, caur sportu, palielināt izpratni un padarīt pasauli par sensitīvu par 35 gadus ilgušo konfliktu.
37 gadu ciešanas iedzīvotājiem, kurus skārusi konflikts, kas apglabā viņu cerības, paaudze pēc paaudzes, gada bēgļu nometnēs Tindouf (Alžīrija), far from their home.

37 years during which the international community has not been able to unlock the situation. A race to prevent the Saharawi people from being forgotten.

Desert R.A.T.S. Trail Running Festival

April 15th – 16th, 2023

Fruita, Kolorādo (ASV)


A weekend of fun and running on the beautiful trails near Fruita, Kolorādo. The weekend kicks off on Friday night with packet pickup and a pasta dinner.

Saturday is the trail marathon and 50K, followed that night with a racer party at a local brewery. Sunday’s events include a 10K, half marathon and kid’s races.


21. aprīlis – 1. maijs, 2023

Ouzarzāte (Maroka)


Atpakaļ par to 37th rediģēšana, uz Smilšu maratons ir sešas dienas, 251 km tuksneša ultramaratons, kas ir apmēram sešu parastu maratonu distance. Garākā kāja ir 91 km.

This multi-day race takes place every year in southern Morocco, Sahāras tuksnesī, un it is considered the most challenging foot race in the world.

The 37th MARATHON DES SABLES is a foot race, open to runners and walkers, with several stages, free style, and with food self-sufficiency over a distance of about 250 Km.

Each participant must carry his/her own backpack containing food, sleeping gear and other material.


18. jūnijs, 2023
Ulanbatora (Mongolija)


The Gobi marts ir 7 dienas, 250 km / 155 jūdžu skrējiens, kas notiek satriecoši Karakoruma reģions Centrālajā Mongolijā.

Septiņas dienas konkurenti šķērso milzīgas Mongolijas stepes, smilšu kāpas un lielas klinšu ielejas, kad tās pabeidz 250 kilometrus / 155-jūdzes kurss.

The race goes through the Khar Bukh Balgas Fortress, daudzas stupas un tempļi, tradicionālie mongoļu geru ciemati, uz UNESCO World Heritage Centre of the Orkhon Valley and finally ends at the Ancient City of Karakorum.



sešas jostas (Namībija)


The Oāzes trase organizē tuksneša pēdu sacīkstes, īpaši taku posmos vairākās pasaules valstīs. Šodien, vairāk par 15 valstīm.

Ja jūs aizraujas ar sporta ceļojumiem, pārgājieni, La Piste des Oasis organizē sacīkstes vairākās pasaules valstīs, šīs sacīkstes tiek veiktas 4 posmos, apmēram 100 km piedzīvojumu.


April 28th – May 4th, 2024
Svakopmunde (Namībija)


The Namību sacīkstes ir 7 dienas, 250 km / 155 jūdžu skrējiens, kas notiek pasaulē vecākajā tuksnesī un lielākajās kāpās.

Caur septiņām dienām, konkurenti piedzīvo vienu no satriecošākajām un ikoniskākajām tuksneša ainavām.

Kurss ved cauri pārsteidzošas tuksneša ainavas ieskaitot plaši atvērtus sarkanos līdzenumus, izkaisīti kalnu atsegumi, milzīgi dramatisku smilšu kāpu plašumi, mēness līdzīga ainava, Atlantijas okeāna viļņi triecas pret smilšaino tuksneša krasta līniju, un aizraujošs augu un dzīvnieku klāsts.



Misionāru brauciens (Dienvidāfrikas Republika)


200 km, piecas dienas kāju skrējiens no Dienvidāfrikas uz Namībiju caur seno sauso ainavu /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld pārrobežu parkā.

No Sendelingsdrifas kristāla laukiem Dienvidāfrikā līdz bēdīgi slavenajiem Tatasbergas milzu laukakmeņiem dziļi /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld pārrobežu parkā; šis nepārspējamais ceļojums pēc tam šķērso Oranžas upi uz Namībiju un Zivju upes kanjona savvaļas zemēm.

Šī ir skriešanas pieredze mūža garumā; šis ir šis ir šis Namībijas šķērsojums.


September 30th, 2023
Tozeur (Tunisija)


The Ultra Mirage© El Djerid (MITRAS) Race sērija ir pirmā tuksneša Ultra, kas notiek apdullināšanas Tunisijas Sahāras tuksnesis.

The Event is organised in the Djerid region every first weekend of the month of October. 

Gan 100 km, gan 50 km viena posma sacīkstes ved skrējējus visdažādākajos apvidos, sākot no mīkstajām smiltīm, mazās kāpas, klintis, izžuvušas upju gultnes, oasis…

Both medical and technical help as well as water supply will be available at each checkpoint.

Šīs sacensības ir atvērtas visu veidu sportistiem, no profesionāliem ultraskrējējiem līdz ikvienam, kas aizraujas ar ultra takām.


31. oktobris, 2022
Petra (Jordānija)

Unikāls un nesalīdzināms, The Tendao skriešanas piedzīvojumu sacīkstes ir sasniedzami visiem.

Ultraskrējēji, piedzīvojumu meklētāji, labi apmācīti skrējēji vai pat pavadoši cilvēki izdzīvos milzīgas emocijas. Jūsu vienīgais mērķis būs sekot ceļam, īstenot savus sapņus un atklāt skaistākās Zemes vietas. Ir ierosinātas trīs sacīkstes:

100 km iekšā 3 posmi vai 60 km iekšā 3 posmos (maršruti ir atzīmēti) daļēji autonomijā.

Pirmais (24 km) un trešais posms (25 km) ir kopīgas 2 sacīkstēm. Otrais ir 51 km par 100 km skrējiens un 11 km par 60 km skrējiens.

185 km bez pieturas ar izbraukšanu no Petit Petra, eja senajā Petras vietā, tad fināls vairāk nekā 100 km ārkārtējā Wadi Rum tuksnesī!


26th novembris, 2022 plkst 7:00esmu - 3rd decembris, 2022 plkst 6:00pm


Atklājiet īstu piedzīvojumu no jauna bijību iedvesmojošais Sahāras tuksnesis. Šis piecu dienu pārgājiens aptver 100 km; ejot cauri Marokas aizliedzošajai ainavai, ko šķērso virsotnes, rīkles, kāpas un oāzes.

Naktī, gulēt zem Āfrikas zvaigžņotajām debesīm un baudīt tradicionālo berberu viesmīlību.

Šis izaicinājums pārsniedz Jebel Saghro reģionu, sākot no Maider El Kbir plato, pirms uzkāpšanas Jebel El Mrakib, un apbrīnot brīnišķīgos skatus.

Pastaiga pa palmu aizām, maršruts savienojas ar sauso Rhris upi un ved uz tamarisku koku oāzi.

Pēdējās dienas tiek pavadītas pārgājienos gar Tikertouachene upi, pirms veiksmīgā izaicinājuma noslēguma svinēšanas Uarzazātē.

  • Veiciet 100 km šajā piecu dienu pārgājienā
  • Brauciet cauri ielejām, rīkles, plato, smilšu kāpas un oāzes
  • Uzkāpiet Džebelam Lamrakebam, ar brīnišķīgu skatu uz reģionu


3. decembris, 2022
Lima (Peru)


Tērēt 7 dienas ārpus laika skaistākajās vietās pasaulē. 4 piedzīvojumu dienas tuksneša vidū, maršruts, kas sadalīts 3 posmos, 100 vai 120km, kas jādara skrienot vai ejot.

Katrā HMDS ir iekļauta lielākā daļa gājēju, ar vidēji 50% sievietes un a 94% finišētāju līmenis.

Izlasi arī: Sagatavošanās tuksneša skriešanai

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