Last Updated on January 14, 2023

Dutch rapper and singer Luca Maxim has recently released a new line of clothing on his online store named “Children of Khan”.

Available items, which includes t-shirts, hoodies, hats and accessories such as phone cases, recite slogans such as “Moroccan Sand-board Association” and “Increase the GDP of Mongolia By Exporting Cashmere, Mongolian Boots and Uncles“.

Sandboarding is a boardsport that involves sliding down sand dunes, which can be practiced both in Morocco and Mongolia.

Not much is known about Maxim, but this is his official biography according to

Lucas Maximus, famously known as Luca Maxim (born 0 BC in Mongolia), is an avant-garde artist dedicated to the eradication of Zara employees and tech extremists. Luca Maxim is 80% Ghenghis Khan and 20% human.

He had a long lost twin brother named Khyrsos. They were separated at birth, and Khyrsos was traded off to a group of tech extremists near the border of Macedonia. Since then, Khyrsos had turn to a life of darkness and tech extremism. He was last seen around the Arctic Circle.

Luca’s second album, Gemlife Symphony, tells the story of how him and Khyrsos became so different. His hobbies include (but are not limited to): catching rare fish, investing in cryptocurrency, organizing illegal bug fights, setting up gecko sanctuaries, boosting the GDPs of Mongolia and Ohio, and arctic sled racing.

Luca has also garnered the ability of precognition by bathing in the well of Mongolia, a secret well which is said to possess supernatural abilities that can be bestowed on users. The well is also speculated to be the birthplace of the first rare fish.

Luca uses his ability of precognition to show his followers their future and to show them the grave danger and destruction that tech extremists and Zara employees could bestow on the world if the rare fish ceases to exist.

With over 10,000 listeners on and 64.018 monthly reproductions on his songs on Spotify, Luca Maxim, who was born in Georgia and has lived in the Netherlands for most of his life, is quickly making a name for himself in the music industry.

Luca Maxim – Offshore

His unique sound and powerful lyrics, combined with his efforts to fight “Zara employees and tech extremism”, make him a truly one-of-a-kind artist. And with the release of his new clothing line, fans can now show their support for Maxim in a whole new way.

"Moroccan Sandboard Association" clothes by Lucas Maxim.
“Moroccan Sandboard Association” clothing available on

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