Washington State Deserts

Washington state has very different landscapes to offer including deserts, but also beaches, forests, mountains, volcanoes, and several coastal islands. The state is separated by the the Cascade Mountains which determine what kind of climate you are going to find: wet areas filled with pineforests to the west; dry, arid

Dune skiing in Algeria
Sand skiing in Algeria. Photo courtesy of Olivier Lepetit.

Sandboarding in Algeria

Algeria is the largest country in Africa, and much of its territory is covered by the Sahara desert. There are countless massive sand dunes where sand surfing can be practiced, albeit in somewhat remote locations of Algeria. Sand skiing near Djanet, Algeria. Photo courtesy of Olivier Lepetit. Algeria Sand Dunes


The Sahara Desert in Mauritania

Approximately three-fourths of Mauritania is a desert or semidesert, with nothing but sand in much of the center and northern part of the country. The desert plateaus gradually descend toward the northeast to the barren El Djouf, or "Empty Quarter", a vast region of imponent sand dunes that merges into


Meet the Big Red Sand Dune in the Simpson Desert of Australia

Formerly known as "Nappanerica", the Big Red sand dune is the largest and most famous dune in Queensland's Simpson Desert, located 33kms west of Birdsville. The area comprises over 1100 dunes and is a paradise for 4WD off-road drivers, sandboarders, and desert dwellers venturing into the Australian Outback. Sunset view from Big


Sandboarding in Johannesburg

The landlocked region of Gauteng in South Africa does not have any coastal dunes, but it is still possible to practice sand surfing at Mount Mayhem mine dumps, located in Boksburg about half a hour drive from Johannesburg and just outside of Benoni. Mount Mayhem Sandboarding. Sandboarding at Mt. Mayhem


Hiking in the Desert: Gear, Clothing and Information

A hiking trip to the desert presents many logistical and organizational challenges regarding hydration, protection from sunlight, and dealing with extreme temperature changes between day and night. Having the necessary desert hiking gear and following a few precaution tips will ensure that your hike goes as smoothly as possible. As


Desert Flowers & Blooming Desert Plants

Deserts are by definition inhospitable environments with little to no vegetation, but there are actually quite a few species of plants that adapted to live in these arid conditions. The adaptations of these desert plants make it so that the bulbs often stay dormant under the ground for several months,…


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