Grassboarding a.k.a. Grass Snowboarding

Grassboarding is a sport that consists in sliding down on grass hills and lawns, which some may describe as snowboarding on grass. While it is sometimes confused with mountainboarding, grass boarding uses a concave board with no wheels, making it more similar to sandboarding. Another version of grass boarding is…

sea during golden hour
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How to Have a Sunny and Warm US Beach Vacation in December

If you are dreaming of a sunny and warm US beach vacation in December, you are not alone. Many people want to escape the cold and snow, and enjoy the sand, the surf, and the sun. But where can you find the best US beaches to visit in December? In this blog post, we will show you 10 of the best US beaches to visit in December, where you can have a wonderful and memorable US beach vacation.


Sandboarding at Kelso Dunes

The Kelso Dunes are one of the four main Californian locations for sand surfing in the Mojave Desert (although there are plenty more dunes along the coast of Southern California). The Kelso dune system is the third-largest in the US and one of the few places where it is possible to witness the natural phenomenon of "singing" (or "booming") sand, so definitely worth a visit!

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Sandboarding at Saudi Sands
Saudi Sands Sandboarding. Rafsworldtravel.

Sandboarding in Saudi Arabia

With its golden dunes and vast sand sea, Riyadh's desert in Saudi Arabia is one of the most beautiful sandboarding destinations in the world, and one of those things that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. There are many options for desert tours from the capital which…


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