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The world-famous desert festival Burning Man has recently revealed the design for its 2024 temple, named “Temple of Together”.

This is a significant event as the temple is one of the most crucial structures at the festival, second only to the eponymous wooden Man.

The designer of the 2024 temple is Caroline Ghosn, who has made history as the first BIPOC (Preto, Indigenous, and People of Color) woman to lead the design of the temple.

Homem em chamas 2024 "Templo de Juntos" Renderização
Homem em chamas 2024 “Temple of Together” Outside Rendering

A Tapestry of Diverse Cultural Influences and Architectural Styles

The design of the “Temple of Together” is a rich tapestry of diverse cultural influences and architectural styles.

Ghosn’s design draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including the traditional weaving techniques of the Lebanese Khaizaran chair, the grandeur of Neo-Gothic architecture, and the elegance of Art Deco design.

The temple, set to be constructed at Black Rock City, the heart of the Burning Man festival, will stand tall at 70 feet and span a diameter of 94 pés.

The entrance of the temple is a sight to behold, framed by two enormous hands that seem to be in a gesture of prayer.

This powerful symbol represents unity, humility, and respect, values that are at the core of the Burning Man community.

The design also incorporates Neo-Gothic arches and shapes inspired by the Art Deco style, adding layers of complexity and visual interest to the overall structure.

Homem em chamas 2024 “Temple of Together” Detail

Embracing Sustainability and Fostering Community Engagement

Ghosn’s design goes beyond aesthetics, embodying a deep commitment to environmental sustainability.

She plans to collaborate with experts in carbon transformation to create a carbon-negative structure.

This ambitious goal means that the temple’s construction will capture more carbon than it releases, making a significant contribution to environmental conservation.

The temple will be constructed using reed woven in the style of the Khaizaran chair.

This technique results in a lightweight structure built from sustainable and reusable materials.

The design is also adapted to allow people of all skill levels to participate in the construction of the temple, fostering a sense of community engagement and shared creativity.

Inside the temple, attendees will be greeted by an abundance of light and space.

The dome-like shape of the temple offers expansive areas for exploration, with multiple private alcoves for quiet reflection and intentional seating for communal gatherings.

The design also includes a central space that resembles an altar, defined by hanging lanterns that symbolize the collective energy and shared journey of the Burning Man community.

The “Temple of Together” is more than just a structure; it is a symbol of the power of community, shared creativity, and commitment to sustainability.

It pays homage to the Temples of the past while carving a path towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

At the end of the festival, the temple will be set ablaze, marking not just the end of the festival, but leaving behind a lasting legacy of unity and sustainability.

Homem em chamas 2024 “Temple of Together” Inside Rendering

Curioser & Curioser

The “Temple of Together” will take center stage at the Burning Man festival, scheduled to take place between August 25th and September 2nd, 2024, in Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

The theme for Burning Man 2024, “Curiouser & Curiouser”, invites participants to embrace the irrational, the absurd, and the unknown. It’s a celebration of puzzles without answers and an invitation to the unknown.

The theme encourages participants to step outside their comfort zones, embrace the unexpected, and immerse themselves in the immediacy of being.

Homem em chamas 2024: All That We Know So Far

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