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Sand boarding is a relatively recent action sport similar to snowboarding, except practiced on sand dunes.

This sport is growing in popularity in different parts of the world, including the US, Peru, Australia and the UAE, and we believe that with the increase of desertification and impacts of global warming on both surfing and snowboarding, sandboarding is on its way to become a mainstream sport in the future.

Sounds interesting enough? Here’s five reasons why you should add it to your bucket list.

5 Reasons you should try sand boarding
Mid-air sand surfing jump

5 Reasons Sandboarding is Awesome

1. Sandboarding is fun

It’s hard to explain the thrill of gliding down a sand dune at full speed, but we promise it’s going to be worth it. Whether you are in a desert or at the beach, once you surf your first dune you’ll be eager for more.

And the fun comes in different sizes: adult thrill-seekers will love tackling the tallest dunes, while sand sledding / toboganning on smaller dunes is the perfect recreational activity for families.

2. Sandboarding is cool

Let’s admit it – sandboarding is a niche sport. Ask a hundred people, and if you are lucky maybe one or two will have heard about it. Which comes with its perks: being a sandboarder automatically makes you cool.

Grab a GoPro and film yourself surfing on sand hills surrounded by incredible landscapes and brag about it on your instagram – you deserve it!

3. Sandboarding is a great workout

It may not seem like it, but sand boarding and sand sledding are both heavily calorie-burning activities. They involve a great deal of hiking uphill on sand dunes, which will shed you up to 500 calories per hour.

Walking on sand has numerous health benefits, as putting your body to work on rough terrains builds muscles on your legs and feet, while you will also be carrying your board and toning your upper body.

And did I mention the part where you slide downhill surfing on your board? Sandboarding is both an excellent cardio and balance training.

4. Sandboarding is a great solo sport

Solo travellers will love this activity, which can be fully enjoyed even without the need for other people. You can travel to the most exotic destinations – from desert oases in Peru to volcanos in Nicaragua – and build adventure memories filled with adrenaline.

And if you’d rather have some company, you can always join a sandboarding tour and find new friends and hiking companions.

5. Sandboarding is cheap

Sandboarding gear can be rather minimalistic: if you are practicing this sport at the beach, all you need is an inexpensive sandboarding board (or sled) and some sandboard wax and you are good to go.

If you are in a desert with steeper dunes you may want to bring some extra protection, and make sure to cover yourself head to toe. Many sandboarding hotspots offer cheap sandboard rentals, but even buying your very own sandboard is going to be affordable.

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