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Situat pe coasta Australiei de Vest, lângă râul Moore, the Guilderton sand dunes are a sandboarding destination and hidden gem that is perfect for those seeking adventure and relaxation. Cu o varietate de activități și vederi uluitoare, it’s a must-visit destination for anyone traveling in the area.

Sandboarding în dune de nisip Guilderton
Sandboarding în dune de nisip Guilderton

Sandboarding at Guilderton Sand Dunes

Access to the dunes is easy and can be reached by road. in orice caz, to reach the sandboarding area, known as “The Desert,” you must cross the river. The best way to do this is by hiring a small boat at Guilderton Beach or by kayaking, although swimming is also an option.

Sandboarding is the main attraction at the Guilderton sand dunes and is an activity that will get your adrenaline pumping. The dunes are steep, providing a thrilling experience, and the finish is even more exciting as you end up in the river. Just be sure to bring shelter, apă, and other essentials, as there are no facilities in the area.

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Other Activities in Guilderton

În afară de sandboarding, there’s plenty more to do in Guilderton. The town is a popular spot for day-trippers from Perth, seeking a peaceful escape from the city. Families come here for relaxation, înot, pescuit, surfing, and kayaking.

Dunele de nisip Guilderton
Dunele de nisip Guilderton. Moore River, Australia de Vest

The Moore River is ideal for these activities, si tu poti hire kayaks, canoes, and other watercraft from the Moore River foreshore car park. The sandy beach at Guilderton is also a popular spot for surfing, boogie boarding, and windsurfing. in orice caz, it’s essential to be cautious, as the beach is not patrolled and rips are common. One unique feature of the Guilderton area is the Moore River sandbar.

This natural sandbar separates the river from the ocean and is only open after heavy rains, mainly in the winter and spring. The sandbar is a protected ecosystem, so manually opening it is not allowed. For those interested in diving or snorkeling, there are shipwrecks located off the coast between Wreck Point and Lancelin/Wedge Island, including the Vergulde Draeck. Divers must be qualified and take care, as these wrecks are hazardous.

For those who love a good walk, take a stroll along the foreshore and climb the staircase to the lookout. The view from the top is breathtaking and offers the best view of Moore River, the sandbar, and the beach.

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