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Muntele Tempest este cea mai înaltă dună de nisip din Australia, și una dintre cele mai mari dune de nisip de coastă din lume, cu o cotă de în jur 380 metri (1,247 picioarele). Este situat în centrul insulei Moreton din Queensland, la doar o scurtă călătorie cu feribotul din Brisbane.

Mount Tempest has the reputation of being the highest stabilised coastal sandhill on Earth, cu toate că there are much taller shifting sand dunes in the world. The difference between a stabilised and a shifting sand dune is that the former does not move nor change in shape, because vegetation has settled in it in a way that prevents wind from transforming the dune.

The name of the sand dune in Quandamooka language is “Moogar Bippo”, which means “mountain of storms”.

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Muntele Tempest (Moogar Bippo)
View from the peak of Mount Tempest (Moogar Bippo)

Muntele Tempest

The tallest and biggest sand dune of Australia, Muntele Tempest, is located right at the centre of Moreton Island and a popular destination for hiking and climbing. The peak can be reached on foot after leaving the ferry or with the help of a 4WD, the track is around 2km each way and can be covered in 2 la 3 hours by walking.

Despite being relatively short, the hike can be challenging due to having to climb the steep dune with little to no shade available. It is best to avoid peak sun hours and leave at dusk or dawn if possible.

Acestea fiind spuse, once you reach the peak you’ll be rewarded with incredible 360° views of the island and of Moreton Bay, which is absolutely worth the effort.

Please note that no camping, overnight parking, nor sandboarding are allowed on Mount Tempest.

Moreton Island Sand Dunes

Moreton Island is a large island located off the coast of South East Queensland, east of Brisbane. It is the third largest sand island in the world, acoperind o suprafata de aproximativ 186 mile patrate (482 kilometri pătrați).

Almost the entirety of the island is a National Park and still untouched by humans, Moreton Island is known for its beautiful beaches, dune de nisip, and crystal clear waters, and it is a popular destination for swimming, surfing, pescuit, sandboarding and other outdoor activities.

Storm Mountain is another large vegetated sandhill close to Mount Tempest, în jurul 264 metri (866 picioarele) tall. The hike to Storm Mountain is around 2.5km for a return trip.

The Desert and Big and Little Sand Hills are beginner-friendly areas for sandboarding in Moreton Island, which can only be practiced away from vegetated areas. The Big Sand Hills have steeper dunes that can allow for high speeds for those who crave a bit of adrenaline.

From the top of the dunes, there are stunning panoramic views of Moreton Island and Moreton Bay.

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