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Nu fi surprins, dar navigarea prin canalizare este un lucru. De asemenea cunoscut ca si “urban surfing”, it is a thrilling and dangerous sport that involves riding the waves created by the fast-moving water in storm sewer drain systems. This extreme sport is gaining popularity among thrill-seekers, but it is also illegal and extremely dangerous.


Anul este 2009, și încă un alt sport extrem de bord se naște Brazilia: în Porto Alegre, surferilor le place să călărească pe valurile unui șanț umflat de ploi în ceea ce este efectiv a canalizare inundată. De atunci, în mulți au încercat să se alăture acțiunii.

While not officially recognized, sewer drain surfing is considered an extreme sport, și din motive întemeiate. It is not only illegal, but it is also incredibly dangerous.

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Surfing prin canalizare


The water in storm sewer drain systems is extremely fast-moving and can reach dangerous speeds, making it extremely difficult to control a surfboard and avoid obstacles.

The water is also often contaminated with pollutants, and there is a high risk of injury or death from colliding with debris or getting trapped in the drainage system. The conditions are also constantly changing with the weather and water levels, making it a challenging and unpredictable sport.

în plus, many storm sewer drain systems are equipped with security cameras, and those caught participating in the sport could face arrest and fines.

The water in storm sewer drain systems is fast-moving, unpredictable, and often contaminated with pollutants, making it difficult to control a surfboard and avoid obstacles.


Sewer drain surfing is illegal in most cities, and those caught participating in the sport could face arrest and fines. Law enforcement agencies are aware of the dangers and have increased patrols in known surfing spots. Many storm sewer drain systems are also equipped with security cameras, making it easier for authorities to identify those who engage in the activity.

There are many other safer alternatives to urban surfing on all sorts of natural terrains. Sand dune surfing involves riding a board, similar to a Skateboard or Snowboard, on sand dunes and is a great alternative for people who want to experience the thrill of surfing, but don’t have access to the ocean. Grassboarding, similar to landboarding, is a sport that involves riding a board on grassy terrains.

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Sewer Surfing
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