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Every year during winter, beaches around Los Angeles become hip sand sledding destinations. Before the weather gets too cold, the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors builds artificial sand hills and berms to protect the shores from flooding due to high tides and winter storms, and the people of SoCal rush to enjoy their favorite winter sport: sledding on the dunes! Californian kids of all ages (…including adults) love to hit the slopes with their sleds and toboggans.

Sand Sledding Season 2022-2023

Sand sledding in SoCal is an annual winter tradition. With the exception of Point Mugu (which is a natural sand dune and can be accessed all year around), you can only sled at the LA beaches from November until late February. Usually the construction of the berms begins in the second week of November and is ready for sledding by Thanksgiving.

What to use for sand sledding

People use all kinds of sleds and boards for sand sledding in LA. Using a regular sled, disc saucer or toboggan for sand dunes is fine on the beaches of SoCal. Sandleds and sandboards with a laminate bottom for waxing reach higher speeds, but they are pricier and mostly meant for longer rides on steep desert dunes.. May be something to consider next time you head to the Mojave Desert?

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Sand Dune Sledding Los Angeles

Best Sand Sledding in Los Angeles

Point Mugu – Malibu

The most well-known sandboarding spot in Los Angeles is Point Mugu in Malibu. The Point Mugu Sand Dunes make an excellent spot for sandboarding and sand sledding all year round, where you can also enjoy stunning views the Malibu sunset. On the east end of Thornhill Broome Beach there is a massive sand dune. The slope ends near the highway, but the ride is slow and will save you from having to return to your vehicle.

Sandboarding Point Mugu Malibu

Zuma Beach – Malibu

Sand berms are erected every year at Zuma Beach after Thanksgiving as a protection from winter storms and floods. This is the best sand sledding spot if you are looking for large, steep dunes and a good workout.

Venice Beach – Venice

Possibly the most popular spot for winter dune sledding in LA, a vast sand berm located south of the Venice Beach Pier is constructed every year at the end of October until spring. Venice Beach has a berm that’s 50 to 60 yards from the Washington Boulevard parking lot.

Venice Beach Sand Sledding - Los Angeles, SoCal

Hermosa Beach – Los Angeles

Another beach where artificial sand dunes are built in winter and are publicly accessible for sand sledding. Hermosa Beach is located in the outskirts of Los Angeles and its slopes are not very steep, making it one of the best spots for young kids to practice their sledding skills.

Dockweiler State Beach – Los Angeles

Not too far from the Los Angeles International Airport, the Dockweiler State Beach is one of the few locations in California with an oceanfront RV park. It is a popular beach to make bonfires, but you can enjoy winter sand sledding there as well. This location is great if you are looking for someting less crowded.

Sleds for Sand Dunes

Flexible Flyer Metal Snow Disc Saucer Sled. Steel Sand Slider
Flexible Flyer
Steel Sand Slider
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