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Bindings and foot straps are an essential connection point between you and your sandboard. Tightly strapping your feet to the board while sledding down a dune ensures that you have enough control and stability to stand up effectively “surfing” on sand.

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Sandboard Bindings

What are sandboard bindings?

In snowboarding, bindings are a type of gear that is firmly attached to the board and in which you can fit with your boots for stability and increased ankle support, and they are usually very sturdy and somewhat heavy.

Bindings used for sandboarding are generally more lightweight, and they can often be substituted for simple foot straps, which are enough to keep you on board.

Do I need sandboard bindings?

If you intend to stand on your feet when sandboarding, then yes – bindings are a must. Most commercial sandboards already come equipped with basic foot straps, but you will need to manually add some sort of binding system if you are making a homemade sandboard.

Sand dune sleds do not require foot straps because they are intended to be used either sitting or lying on your belly.

How to choose the best bindings or foot straps better for sandboarding?

In most cases, foot straps are sufficient, as long as they are safely bolted (not screwed!) into the board. Dakine foot straps are what you will find on many commercial sandboards and honestly, they are great. You may want to opt for sturdier, snowboard-like bindings if you intend to go sandboarding on a very steep dune and don’t wanna risk your straps from falling off mid-ride.

What kind of footwear do I need to use with sandboard bindings?

Foot straps don’t necessarily require any sandboarding footwear, but barefoot sandboarding should only be practiced on smaller dunes in beach areas, preferably in the early morning or late afternoon when the sand is not too hot.

Always wear closed-toe tennis shoes in the desert and very hot locations. Merino socks are a good choice also. Sandboard bindings require that you wear shoes or boots, while you can be barefoot when using footstraps.

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