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Sandboarding and sand-skiing competitions have been a thing for as long as the sport has been popularized back in the 90s.

Events have been organized in many parts of the world, prevalently in the US and South America, although the world championship of sandboarding used to be held in Germany, on Monte Kaolino, where you can find the only sand sport facility equipped with a lift.

Today, the Sandboard World Cup is organized yearly in Huacachina (Peru), although other countries have applied to become hosts in the future.

Sandboarding / Sand Surfing
Sandboarding / Sand Surfing

World’s Best Sandboarding Competitions and Events

Sandboarding World Championship

Location: Monte Kaolino (Hirschau, Germany)

The Sandboarding World Championship was held every year in the town of Hirschau in Bavaria until 2007. It took place on Monte Kaolino, a 110 meter tall man-made sand mountain that is also the only sandboarding and sand skiing facility in the world equipped with a lift.

The event could not take place at Monte Kaolino anymore due to the renovation works that made the facility unsuited for large events, but it has since been replaced by a smaller competition called Sand Spirit.

Sand Spirit

Location: Monte Kaolino (Hirschau, Germany)

Sand Spirit was created to accommodate sandboard enthusiasts in Monte Kaolino after the Sandboarding World Championship could not take place there anymore.

Every year in the summer athletes from all over the globe meet in Hirschau to take part in what is described as a “snowboarding on sand” competition. Participants can register online for a fee, while anyone in the audience can join for free.

Official website:

Sandboard World Cup

Location: Huacachina (Ica, Peru)

The global competition that took over after the Sandboarding World Championship takes the name of Sandboard World Cup. It traditionally takes place in sand surfing heaven Huacachina, in Peru, although other countries have shown interest towards hosting this event and may do so in the future.

The competition is organized by Swiss-found organization InterSands, the International Sandboarding and Sandski Association.

Official website: Sandboard World Cup

2019 Sandboard World Cup Highlights

Pan-American Sandboarding Challenge

Location: Aquiraz (Ceara, Brazil)

Every year in the month of July, the Pan-American Sandboarding Challenge takes place in Aquiraz, Ceara, Brazil on the dunes of Prainha Beach. It attracts many amateur and professional sandboarders from all over Latin America to compete in freestyle and jump events.

Sand Master Jam

Location: Sand Master Park (Florence, Oregon)

The Sand Master Jam has been around since 1996 and ever since the creation of Sand Master Park in Florence it has been held there every year on the third weekend of July.

Sand Master Park is one of the few sports facilities dedicated to sandsports and it features natural dunes from the Oregon coast up to 300 feet tall equipped with rail slide, slalom and freestyle facilities which are used for the competitions.

Official website: Sand Master Park

Sand Sports Super Show

Location: Costa Mesa (California, US)

The Sand Sports Super Show is a sandsports expo mainly dedicated to desert racing, off-roading and motorsports, but sandboarding and sand skiing are often featured as well. The event takes place yearly over three days in September in the area of Costa Mesa, California.

Thousands of spectators and hundreds of exhibitors attend the event and in what is called “the biggest and most exciting dune and dirt sports expo in the world.”

Official website: Sand Sports Super Show


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